What Value to Truth?

What value do we attribute to Truth? I have written six essays to express who I am and where I come from. I do not think that these essays fully reveal myself to any of you, but I have been honest in these essays. I must ask for some honesty in return now. How do you feel about the inequities of this world that we have created together? I will permit all but the vilest responses. In other words, if you can keep a civil tongue, I will allow your comments… whether I agree with them or not.


8 thoughts on “What Value to Truth?

  1. How do I feel about the inequities of this world that we have created together?

    I feel what you feel. Confused. Frustrated. Afraid. Angry. Hopeful. Acceptance. A sense that there’s still something that can be done, and that I have a part to play in that something.

    Anyone I’ve asked tells me essentially the same. We’re not crazy. We’re in some seriously unfamiliar territory as a civilization. Teetering on the brink, so to speak, but the brink of what?

    I have reason to trust that we’re on the brink of something wonderfully positive, positively wonderful. I have also seen the depths of darkness we could experience if we do nothing. We may be on the brink of supreme badness, too.

    Whatever happens, it’s still in our hands to do the work, in our minds to think differently, and in our hearts to hold compassion for every other living thing out there.

    Or we can just let nature take its course…

  2. Thank you, Destrudowoman. We can just let nature take its course, but isn’t that what we simply have done thus far? This is a rhetorical question because your comment makes your answer obvious. Blessed be, milady!

  3. My feelings on the world we have created is a mixture of sadness, grief, and compassion. With every gift, there is a price and responsibility. I think everything we’ve gained has affected not only our livelihood, but our attitude and culture as well.

    I guess this goes hand-in-hand with my ideas on “change.” I think the human race has become too dependent on each other, so as a result, we expect others to fix the broken world.

    Over the course of the centuries we went from centering on the world to ourselves. We’ve focused too much on the material and have forsaken nature; on the contrary, I think more and more are realizing how damaged the world has become as a result. I think the world is healing, little bit at a time.

    This world is the place we are introducing to our future generations. It’s in a dark phase right now, and if people can get our of the self-centered mindset, it can be a beautiful place for our future generations to thrive.

  4. I think you are right. Lately, people seem to be really out of sorts. While reading your comment, it occurred to me that all we are becoming aware of is having impact.

  5. Steve, this is a loaded question…. but a great one!
    this life is full of various experiences: joy, suffering, disappointment, hope, fear, anger, etc. We all want to be happy, but this life is not about hapiness, but about learning… learning what? Learning how to love unconditionally. Whatever we decide in this life will take us a step closer or farther away from the truth.

  6. “this is a loaded question”

    Yes, and my shortest post yet! I like a bit of irony once in awhile. However, when I am reading other blogs, I notice that in many ways a lot of people are touching upon this matter, so this is also a reflection of what I am reading.

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