Yule 2011

I want to wish everyone a joyous Yule a little early. We learned a few days ago that my wife has gall stones, so her gall bladder must come out. It is a bit complicated because she has a blood disorder. This means the simple operation cannot be done locally. We are going to the big city (Burlington, Vermont) to see a specialist and a surgeon tomorrow. We don’t know if they will do the surgery tomorrow, or Thursday… or even Friday. Hence, this early Yule post.

It is always good to be home for Yule because that is always where the hearth fire is the brightest and the warmest. This may also be due to the loved ones we surround ourselves with at this time of year. I know that, as long as I am with my dear wife, the hearth fire will be warm no matter where we are, though.I have a special wish for those who may be alone on Yule: grow the spark within!  It is a good time for this for Yule is a festival of Light! Join with me in spirit in celebrating the rebirth of Light.

To all the sisters and brothers in the southern hemisphere, I wish you a joyous Mid-summer festival and frolic. However, I must ask that you send the Light back to us. It is starting to get pretty cold here.

To all, Blessed be!


12 thoughts on “Yule 2011

  1. Many blessings to you & your Lady Fair. Here’s hoping that all went well & she’s on the mend.

  2. Hi Steve, we’re so sorry to hear about your wife. We went through the gall stone thing a couple of years back, and it got complicated because my beloved hubby had a stone obstruction which caused pancreatitis, very painful, very dangerous. He could have died but for the grace and mercy of our Creator. He was in intensive care for about a week, and was scheduled to have surgery. I went to work on him doing foot reflexology, and our nature-path friend told him a specific type of capsules to order to get him relief. But, here is what WORKED GREAT! This was all as we waited for the surgery. LOTS OF PRAYER TOO.

    We ordered Stone Dissolve from a TCM Herbalist in Arizona who has a website at http://www.plantcures.com/ DISSOLVES STONES. HAS RESCUED MANY FROM SURGERY BY TOTALLY GETTING RID OF THEM.

    He makes this out of Coin Grass. In 3 days the stones dissolved!!!. He did a rush order for us so we could do it before the surgery. We kept him on it for several days more and do a yearly, sometimes bi-yearly cleanse with it. THE SURGERY GOT CANCELED. No more problems.

    My husband said the foot reflexology worked miracles to give him pain relief and he could feel things “moving” when I worked on his feet using essential oils. I choose peppermint, lavender, and geranium applied separately in layers on the specific points for liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and digestive tract.

    We will pray for your beloved.

    We do send you both love and pray for a good year for you both. Lovingly, Teresa
    p.s. thanks for today’s “like” button

  3. We use essential oils and herbs, too. I particularly thank you for the link for Stone Dissolve. Likewise, you and your husband have our best wishes for this new year, too.

  4. Hi Steve,

    My many blessings and best wishes to your wife and yourself. I hope she is well on her way with healing. I hope too depsite the the anxiety of the tmes you both faced that you both too still managed to have a nice Yule.
    I have much to catch up on in your blogs *sigh* but am hoping to find the time to read more. The weather here down south is very good for painting so I must make the best of it. 🙂
    May you remain warm and well durning these colder times. The light will indeed return your way very soon. 🙂


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  6. Hi Steve, I dilute mine with water and it still tastes awful. My hubby took his straight, held his breathe and threw it to the back of his throat, then swallow. But, if we had apple juice, I would try that. Apple juice is always good for masking the flavors of my home remedies, and TCM. Apple juice is also one of the good things to do for gall stones. Drink a qt. per day in addition to the Stone Dissolve.

    I did the Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse long ago. Drank lots of apple juice for 3 to 5 days, then olive oil and lemon on the last day. Laid on right side. They dissolve and come out in the urine. Recipe on the internet.

    Hope this helps. I admit it tastes yukky but works GREAT! Remember our Grandma’s and their remedies tasted awful with belief “that it’s gotta taste bad, or it ain’t doing ya no good!” Smiles.

    Blessings to your wife and you, love shines, Teresa

  7. Thanks for the reply, it helps. It was recommended to drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in warm water while we waited for the TCM medicine. Bobbi has found that chasing the medicine with this and a slice of raw onion helps. It also helps to put the 2 tablespoons in a shot glass so she only takes the stuff once. Unfortunately, apple juice gives her diarrhea.

    Her brother did 6 tours of duty in Vietnam and married a woman from Thailand. He is now also a retired nurse. He said he knows that this stuff works, but that it tastes horrible. Apparently, most people just deal with the taste like Grandma’s remedies. Be assured that she is sticking with this, though. Her brother’s wife and friends think it is great that a “round eye” is using this medicine.

    I also massaged the center of the soles of her feet. She noticed an overall warming when I did her right foot. The left foot seemed to produce a sensation like something draining. I only did this because I read about it while researching the solar plexus chakra. Since you are familiar with reflexology, perhaps you know something about this?

    Blessings to you and your husband, also.

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