Modern Medical Marvels!

A path unfolds before my wife, Bobbi, and I concerning medicine that I first mentioned in the post Yule 2011, and then followed up with in A Remarkable Yule. When I wrote the latter, it appeared that my wife’s critical issue might be ulcers, although she has gall stones that will have to be dealt with eventually. Bobbi went to the local hospital for an endoscope yesterday to check the ulcer possibility.

They shoved a camera down her throat to look inside her stomach, for those unfamiliar with endoscopy. They do anesthetize you before doing this procedure. The results of this procedure for Bobbi: no ulcers! This brings us back (full circle) to the gall stones.

Bobbi’s ability to eat regular foods after taking Prilosec OTC was probably an illusion. Something else changed that we were not aware of when (or before) she took Prilosec OTC. I suspect the free floating gall stones or crystals may sometimes block something and then move so they don’t. I am not a doctor, but the doctor’s aren’t forthcoming with much for answers at this point. However, this may not be the most interesting aspect of this event yesterday.

Bobbi was rolled into the operating room, and before they put her under the surgeon wanted to see her feet. Apparently he had been reviewing her entire medical records and became curious about an event a couple of years ago, so he pulled her socks off to look at her feet.

Two or three years ago, Bobbi spilled the hot oil she was deep frying egg rolls in and severely burned the soles of her feet. I believe the medical records cite third degree burns, but she was back to work in a month. The only outstanding factor that seems to explain her quick recovery is lavender essential oil.

I have had a working interest in aromatherapy for several years now. While essential oils have been used for centuries, aromatherapy was “first coined in 1928 by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist” (Essential Oils: A Basic Guide, p. 10). When Bobbi was screaming in excruciating pain from burning her feet, the only thing I could think of was:

His interest in therapeutically using essential oils was stimulated by a laboratory explosion in his family’s perfumery business in which his hand was severely burned. He plunged his injured hand into a container of lavender oil and was amazed at how quickly it healed. (Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art
, p. 10.)

I grabbed a bottle of lavender essential oil and started applying it to the soles of her feet. The EMT’s were remarking about how nice the ambulance smelled by the time we got her to the local hospital. The Emergency Room nurse scolded me for putting the oil on Bobbi’s feet, telling me that you NEVER put oil on a burn. In retrospect, it seems unfortunate that I didn’t cover her feet completely.

This happened on a Saturday. She went to the clinic where our primary care physician is for a follow up on Monday, but she had to see a substitute because our regular doctor wasn’t available. By this time, Bobbi has a large blister about one inch wide and four inches long near the instep of her right foot. She has another near the big toe of her left foot. Apparently, I didn’t get the lavender oil in these two areas.

The doctor did nothing except recommend a burn specialist, and proceeded to lecture Bobbi about her smoking. I guess the doctor expected support from me because I had quit smoking a year or two earlier. I thought the doctor was whacked and let her know so. An appointment was made to see the burn specialist on Wednesday.

I recall the look on the burn specialist’s face when he walked in with Bobbi’s medical records that had been sent to him and then looked at her feet. It was much like the look on the surgeon’s face yesterday when he reported that Bobbi had no ulcers. It appears like a subtle combination of puzzlement and caution, as in “I better watch what I say.” I’m not a mind reader, but I think they fear giving the impression that colleagues may not know what the hell they are talking about. However, the burn specialist did voice his opinion about the clinic doctor not treating the blisters on Monday, so I could be wrong.

The short story here is that apparently lavender oil works and Bobbi was back on her feet in a month for something that usually takes about six months to recover from. According to the surgeon yesterday, the scarring was much less than the scarring normally associated with third degree burns. Apparently, this was mentioned because the attending nurses couldn’t recognize the signs of scarring that the surgeon did. Equally apparent is that the lavender oil incident is still getting attention at the local hospital. However, this may also explain the surgeons attitude concerning what Bobbi told him before they put her under.

A few days ago, teresa2paradise of Walking With Yahshua told me about a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment for gallstones from Plant Cures that worked for her husband. My wife agreed to try it, so I ordered it and hopefully it will arrive today. Bobbi told the surgeon about this before they put her under, and apparently he is now curious to see if this will work. I suspect the lavender oil may have opened the door to that curiosity.

Teresa also mentioned the use of reflexology on her husband in conjunction with the TCM tincture. I am not trained in reflexology, but I am a Level 1 Reiki practitioner. I employed this practice when Bobbi burnt her feet, also. As her feet healed, her skin got very dry and flaky from the bandages. When her feet were sufficiently healed, I started massaging them with sweet almond oil enhanced with drops of sandalwood, lavender, and frankincense oils to moisturize and prevent scarring (we didn’t tell the doctors about that.) These massages provided an opportune time for a little energy work!

Bobbi and I realize that the purveyors of modern medicine are only human. We do not recommend abandoning or ignoring what they have to offer – we don’t! However, when you or a loved one are in pain and the medical profession seems slow to respond, or you cannot afford their services, it is nice to know that there are viable alternatives. For this reason, I will post updates as this progresses.

NOTE: Just as I was getting ready to publish this, the TCM medicine arrived!

Blessed be!


13 thoughts on “Modern Medical Marvels!

  1. Hi Steve,

    What an encouraging read! I’m glad that all appears to be going well for Bobbi so far and I hope her healing continues.

    I’m not surprised about the results with the lavedar oil but it is good that you surgeon seems curious as oppossed to so many doctors who view alternitves with grave suspision.
    I’ve been studing herbal remedies for quiet sometime, although I’m having to rebuild my herb garden after moving house.
    The knowledge that has been kept and passed down about essential oils and different plants I find invaulable and reassuring especially when convential medicine isn’t working as one would hope.

    I hope too for you both that the TCM works. I’ve not read a lot into that area but I’ve heard of many people have had much success with their health problems with it.

    Brightest Blessings to you both.


  2. I have read a little about TCM, but I knew of no source for product until Teresa told me about Plant Cures. I have purchased herbs from Richters and they have some Chinese herbs that I have considered trying in the garden. I might have to consider that more if this stuff works. Blessings to you.

  3. Wow, Steve, I am so happy to find someone who understands holistic medicine. Your wife is obviously in good hands.

  4. Wow! This was an amazing story! The healing virtues of natural elements always excites me and to hear stories like this just adds to the awe. So glad to hear your wife Bobbi did not have ulcers, but I hope that they can help cure her of her stones and put an end to this painful journey for you both. Who knows, if you keep doing a little research, the Earth may have the answers you seek. After this story about the lavender oil, it wouldn’t surprise me. Best wishes to you and Bobbi, and she is fortunate to have your help in aiding in her healing. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings, Celeste.

  5. Right now it looks like the TCM medicine is working, and it is a good thing if it does. If we wait for the doctors, she might be in pain for quite awhile. We are discovering some fascinating things about this in the meantime. I will post this stuff after we see how this is going to work out. It may be that a lot of people are having unnecessary surgery!

  6. Thanks alot for your story. I believe that natural therapies definitely have a place in western medicine. I think that alot of the old school methods used by our ancestors not so long ago have a place in our culture and times. Pharmacetical companies often want old school methods to stay in the closet, but hopefully the truth can break through the walls and we may benefit from old school methods as well as eastern medicine combined with western medicine and technological methods.

    Great story Steve =)

  7. Thanks, Jason. I think the problem with a lot of natural medicines is that big business cannot patent them. However, modern medicine does offer some benefits that I am not willing to abandon. As with all things, I think we need to find the proper balance.

  8. Hi..first i agree with your comment on my article “silence in the library”..its nice to see poeple really trying to understand our deepest spiritual issues. As regards to this article I love it..i am a trained might like to see my article on lavender oil in my archives for december 2011.
    with honour and respect
    Kindest regards

  9. I read “Lavender Oil : a gift from god.” I certainly agree that it is probably the single most versatile and effective oil to have on-hand. I work in a factory making metal cutting tools which often produces minor cuts that are as sharp as paper cuts. The coolant oils used in the production of these tools can inhibit healing. I used to wait for the weekend when my hands would be out of the coolant oil to see any true healing. Now however, I put lavender oil on the cuts when I get home each day, and they start healing immediately. I’ve also made a salve from a tincture of comfrey and calendula that also works as a barrier cream at work and is useful for shallow cuts, but I also add lavender essential oil to the salve. I wish I knew these things many years ago. Blessed be.

  10. Hi Steve, Really good article. We’ve had great success with lavender on small kitchen burns but Bobbi’s story is HUGE. Thank you for sharing that.

    I just did a pint of Coin Grass the TCM and we have made it part of our cleansing routine every six months, or as needed. So far its working well for both of us.

    We just read the ad from Dr. Michael Cutler for a book on Gallbladder issues, and ordered it tonight.
    With shipping it came to $33.00 total for hard copy, but they also offered digital.

    This book says nine warning signals to GB trouble, and 3 major trigger foods plus tons of info to cure and prevent a re-occurance. We plan to do all we can at this age-stage of life to cure and prevent this common problem.

    Blessings to Bobbi as she cures. Please continue to keep us all posted as we send love her way. Bless you too friend, Teresa

  11. Hi Teresa. Glad you liked the article. I should be writing a follow-up soon as Bobbi is almost through her second bottle and feeling EXTREMELY better! Thanks for this invaluable information, and that book sounds like it is worth that small investment. Blessed be.

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