Beauty In Light

I was a young child when I watched the Sun set and realized that, if there was a god or gods, they had to be of Love in order to create such beauty. I was not raised with any religious training, but the subject wasn’t hidden from me either. Almost half a century later I still reflect upon what we can learn about artists through their art, or Creator(s) through Creation. I also still try to reflect upon our world through child-like eyes.

When the greatest light known to humankind in the physical world is at its highest place, we cannot look upon it directly; it is too bright, but it illuminates the world of humankind well. We can see our paths clearly, so we tend to our busy comings and goings without concern for high things that we cannot look upon anyway. However, this great light descends to our world daily.

The closer the great light gets to the darkness of our world, it dims and becomes easier for us to look upon. If you think our world is not dark, wait until this great light disappears well below the horizon and you will know this world’s darkness. However, it is at the mid-point between the brightest light and deepest darkness, when this great light has descended to our “eye level,” that we can look upon magnificent beauty.

I am particularly fond of the times of twilight or dusk. There seems to be a balance between light and dark, as well as some of the most spectacular artwork. Paintings of sunsets lack the crystal clarity of the real thing, and even photos seem to diminish the clarity a bit. The nature of real sunsets and sunrises is always so unique too, so the real thing maintains my fascination. After looking upon a picture several times, it loses some of its charm. Pictures also don’t change the ambiance of our world as the real thing does.

I am more fond of the evening than the morning because the cacophony of humankind is winding down. Many prepare for sleep, and I will too eventually. However, I will savor this time of beauty when quiet also descends upon my world along with the darkness. This is an excellent time for family, friends, and particularly reflection. It is a restful and refreshing time in itself. There will be time enough for sleep when it is truly dark.

When the great light starts ascending back to its high place, it can produce equally spectacular art at dawn. This would be an excellent time for contemplation, but most people roll out of bed into a dead run towards their busy day. People are always so busy. Perhaps, if we contemplated our busy-ness when our minds are fresh after a good nights rest, we might chose our activities more wisely and not have created the mess we face today? Probably not, unless we also take the time to appreciate the beauty of light entering our world.

Look upon our world with the eyes of a child and it is not difficult to understand the ancient ways. We take it for granted that the great light will ascend to its high place because we are more knowledgeable and sophisticated than our ancestors. If humankind today is so much more sophisticated than their ancestors, how have we missed a significant detail within our “greater” knowledge? The significant detail is that the great light does not revolve around us; we revolve around the great light.

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21 thoughts on “Beauty In Light

  1. Certainly food for deep contemplation. This really made me think about the concept of “As above so below” in a much deeper sense. A great way to start and end every single day to make sure that I am living according to my own nature. Thanks for the kickstarting some new ideas!

  2. Beautiful reflection. As above, so below. As within, so without. Thank you for sharing the Light 🙂

  3. Hi Steve, you speak with such poetry – THANK YOU. You’ve expressed one of my favorite sayings “You can know the nature of the great Artist by His/Her Art” Creation in all its magnificent beauty.

    When I marvel at the beauty of it all, it makes me wonder how stunning it would be without the marring affects of all two-leggeds have done to Earth Mother. What indeed! How awesome it must have been, and will be again.

    Blessings, Teresa

  4. Thank you, dear lady. There was another aspect to this inspiration, but it was too complicated to incorporate into this post, which I view as an indication to not bother. It is also a bit dark and seemed like it might have detracted from the positive aspect I desired to project. However, I feel moved to share it because of your comment.

    As we sow, so shall we reap… or as we give, so shall we receive… what we send out returns upon us (3-10 fold). As we (consumers) have consumed the Earth, the Earth now consumes us. It is a seed to a whole new post, and anyone is welcome to run with it.

    Eventually things will return full circle to a point of balance. The question is: will humankind survive?

  5. Well said, Steve. I too am a lover of evenings and even the night. Your post caused me to think of some very pleasant times in my own life, and I also long to keep the child like light in my own eyes. Thanks for sharing your thoughtfulness.

  6. Beautiful pictures, I don’t think you ‘lost’ any of the magic in the pictures. As for the time when we are between bright light and deep darkness. The Celts call these the “tween” times. During the tween times is when the veil between us and the Spirits is the thinnest. You’re lucky to be one of the sensitives who can appreciate the tween times.

  7. I really do enjoy reading your posts. I kind find a specific word in the English language to describe it, but beautiful really doesn’t seem to give it justice.

    I’ve always seen dusk and dawn as the union between the Lady and Lord; light and dark. It seems to be the most peaceful time of the day for me; a time for reflection.

  8. Hi, Steve, It is my heartfelt belief that many will survive the shift. Those whose hearts are filled with light and compassion attract the same thing. Once you connect with Earth Mother, that connection is not broken by the deeds of others. Kind attracts kind.

    We are all electrical beings clothed in bodies of flesh for this time, but the magnetic field emanating from out of the heart will still attract or repel. Anyway, that’s how I look at it. Earth Mother is alive and holds us to her bosom. The outer marring of man cannot change her heart either. The Lakota Sioux used to say “Father Sky, Mother Earth”. That is so beautiful to me because it feels like a “hug” from above and below.

    Blessings of love, Teresa

  9. Thank you, dear lady. I’ve appreciated the “tween” times for years, but it was only a few years ago that I was told our family has Welsh blood. This information helped make sense of many things, including my appreciation for the “tween” times. Blessed be!

  10. I am glad you enjoy reading my posts, as I find your posts insightful and enlightening about things I have forgotten or that I am unfamiliar with. As with many things we have touched upon, I can only encourage you to follow your intuition concerning the union between the Lady and the Lord. I believe you will find it exceedingly rewarding.

  11. Just wanted to add that what Katrina said about the “tween” times spoke beautifully. Thank you Katrina.

    And, Steve, thank you AGAIN, for provoking my thoughts & ponderings to such deep meditations. You are a blessing!

  12. Blessed lady, I will not repeat the things we have already touched upon because we both remember these things well. I agree with you, many will survive because they honor Father Sky and Mother Earth and seek that embrace. All should remember that it is the meek (non-extreme) who will inherit the Earth. Those that are unsure in this matter can learn from the Children of the Earth, not the children of industry.

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  14. That last comment is spot on and it is very revealing that humanity has never transformed the way we think about the turning of the days, even though we’ve known for centuries that our planet revolves around the sun and not the other way around.
    I also agree that dawn should be held as a sacred moment every day and that it is a shame we rarely find the time for this. I’m luckily walking to walk as the sun rises at the moment, so i get to pass through this filter between darkness and daylight.
    To the tweens!

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