Modern Medical Marvels: A Follow-up

I wrote about a frustrating medical run-around we seemed to be getting concerning my wife’s health on January 6th in Modern Medical Marvels. The author of Walking With Yahshua, the charming Teresa, had told me about a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remedy for gallstones which coincidentally had arrived as I finished composing that post. The results makes me angry because I apparently had needless surgery to remove my gall bladder a few years ago; all signs of Bobbi’s gall stones have now disappeared.

Anyone interested in this remedy needs to know up front that it tastes pretty bad. Bobbi said it tasted just a hair better than castor oil. She had to take two tablespoons four times a day until finishing off two bottles, the minimum recommended by Plant Cures for dissolving gall stones. We did try to find a solution to the problem of the flavor.

Teresa and her husband apparently use this as a preventative medicine every six months, but I think she told me that they just deal with the taste like they were taking one of “Grandma’s” home remedies. Bobbi called her brother because he is a retired registered nurse and Vietnam veteran who married a woman from Thailand. He knew this remedy would work because he has seen it work many times in the past. This apparently produced a chain of phone calls on her sister-in-laws side of the family because a “round-eye” was actually using oriental medicine, but everyone just dealt with the medicine’s taste like one of “Grandma’s” home remedies. This didn’t stop my intrepid darling from seeking a remedy for the taste of the remedy!

Plant Cures had recommended drinking (a lot of) warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice while waiting for the medicine to arrive. I could tell Bobbi didn’t care for this initially, but that changed after she tasted the medicine. She first combined the two tablespoons of medicine into a shot glass, so she wouldn’t have to take the medicine twice for one dose. She then chased it with the fresh squeezed lemon juice in warm water, which she followed with a small slice of raw onion. Knowing how some people feel about onions, let me suggest that this flavor is easier to rinse out of your mouth than the flavor of the medicine… or so it seemed to my wife! Bobbi tried cutting the sour taste of the lemon water with sugar, but that defeated the purpose; sharp flavors seem to negate the medicine’s flavor.

Gall stones produce an ache below the rib cage on your right side. This TCM medicine caused me to wonder what Ayurvedic medicine might suggest. I found that Bobbi had many of the symptoms of a weak Solar Plexus Chakra, of which a gall bladder problem is one. In turn, this led to Montana Healing Connections page concerning the Solar Plexus Chakra. Three alternative healing practices stood out towards the end of this page.

Reflexology had been mentioned by Teresa. Here some simple instructions were provided. I tried the simple massage indicated on Bobbi’s feet. She seemed to get different sensations from the left foot to the right, but the right foot seemed to produce the best results. I inquired about this with Teresa, but my final conclusion is that reflexology is worth further study even though I doubt it played much of a role in Bobbi’s particular case; we didn’t employ it much.

Aromatherapy suggests by its name that scents heal, and fragrances are mentioned after reflexology. While it is true that scents are theraputic, essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin with good results, too. I ignored the suggestion of Lemon because I thought it a bit much with the lemon Bobbi was consuming in the water. You also need to be careful with Rosemary because it can effect blood pressure, and it has produced undesirable results for Bobbi in the past. Acacia was ruled out simply because we didn’t have any. Since Bobbi does not care much for Bergamot, I used only 1 drop of Bergamot to 3 drops of Lavender on a cotton ball which was used to apply the oils to her skin under the ribcage on her right. This eased the ache in that area considerably, she told me.

Crystals have produced some very positive results for us in the past. Coincidentally, I happen to have a large piece of amber. Bobbi has used the amber while performing this simple Solar Plexus Meditation in the evening:

The TCM medicine is the obvious major benefactor here. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the two bottles of medicine, plus shipping and handling, cost a total of $69.90. A few years ago, with good medical insurance, the deductible requirements had me paying the surgeon alone almost two hundred dollars. I don’t recall what we had to pay the hospital, but I think it was in the range of four hundred dollars. There was also an issue of lost time from work. Yes, I truly wish I knew about this then!

The essential oils of Lavender and Bergamot definitely helped alleviate the gall bladder pain while Bobbi waited for the medicine to work. As stated earlier, we didn’t use the reflexology much, but Teresa recommends it, and what we did suggests potential. The crystal and meditation results are not measurable right now. Bobbi says she still feels some physical exhaustion from her ordeal; rest and meditation with the crystal should help that. Certainly, rest should.

The doctors apparently haven’t noticed that Bobbi has not called for any more appointments, yet. It would be interesting to have an ultrasound to confirm the results in this matter. However, the ultimate question is: who is paying for all these tests? We are relieved that Bobbi is feeling like her normal self again (for the most part), and thankful that Teresa told us about this medicine. Big medicine might catch on in time.

NOTE: This post was approved by Bobbi.

P.S.  Any other solutions to cut the taste of the medicine are appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Modern Medical Marvels: A Follow-up

  1. YIPPEE!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND BOBBI. So glad to hear it. Even when something works for us personally, it is SO EXCITING when it works for others. So, in the midst of a painful process, one can know, that others can be helped through our experience. BLESSINGS ALL OVER YOU GUYS! Teresa

    p.s. Foot Reflexology is powerful. My husband often asks for it when his digestive system acts up. Decades ago, my own Reflexologist was called to the hospital for a friend who was to have surgery for kidney stones. They called her to come because the patient was in severe PAIN the night before. After she worked on the patient, the pain lessened, and then the patient passed ALL kidney stones!!!!!!!!!!! Surgery was canceled. It has rescued us many times also.

    Those chakra meditations are powerful also. Am a strong believer and practitioner of Energy Healing also. Also highly recommend EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

    Again, so happy for you.

    THANK YOU STEVE FOR SHARING. Love’s Light, Teresa

  2. Once again, I must thank you. The way the “professionals” were going, I wasn’t sure how long Bobbi was going to suffer before they felt confident enough about a diagnosis. I could see she was feeling extremely better by the “spring in her step” by Tuesday morning. Your help in this matter is GREATLY appreciated.

    Blessed be!

  3. I’m glad Bobbi is better. I strongly recommend exploring the Reflexology more. I also recommend a book called Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. I use a combination of Reflexology, Yoga and Energy Medicine as a preventative practice and for minor health issues.

  4. Wow Steve! That is amazing! I am at a loss for words for being so awed! I am really pleased that Bobbi is recovering nicely and happy that you two are gaining back the peace and normality you deserve. Congrats and warmest wishes,

  5. Reflection upon the concept of “Mother Earth” could produce a lengthy post. Suffice it to say that she nurtures us and provides for all our needs. We have also been amazed. Blessed be.

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