It Is Written

Look at the great circle the horizon scribes around you. Go to a high place if your vision is obstructed. The Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, as does the Moon. Within this circle, you will witness all the magic of Life. Wherever you go, you will always be at the center of this circle. It has always been this way, even before history was recorded.

Writing was the invention of weak minds that couldn’t remember. Knowledge was passed from one generation to the next by imprinting living memory with the lore of the clan, the tribe and their ways. People knew how to listen then, and they learned how to speak the lore so it could be remembered. Do you know how they did this? No, that knowledge was lost when the weak minds started writing and failed to record that. The weak minds didn’t think that knowledge was needed anymore.

People became forgetful because writing made memory unnecessary; all that was worth remembering was recorded somewhere, or so they thought. Great rulers saw how forgetful the people were becoming, so writing became a great treasure. They ordered all their words and deeds recorded so they would be remembered in history. It became a tradition among humankind to record knowledge.

A time came when weak minds deemed some knowledge as evil and worked to purge the written records. These people thought they could exorcise the knowledge deemed evil from human memory in this manner. By all accounts, much was lost. However, some people still remembered the old ways.

It is written” is the preamble weak minds use to introduce words they believe to have great authority. If being written lends authority to words, then why was so much burned? The weak minded apparently thought they could manipulate humankind by censoring written memory. However, writing was still the pleasure of the high-minded; the rulers, scholars, and merchants who generally gathered in cities.

Writing was of little value to the peasants of the countryside who weren’t taught to read and write, but they still needed to know how to grow crops and raise animals as food for themselves and the city dwellers. These people, who worked intimately with the natural world, still passed their knowledge (lore) from one generation to the next orally; the ancient way. Eventually, this lore became belittled and dismissed as folk-lore because of its humble unwritten roots. In the language of the Roman Empire, these country peasants were called paganus.

Written memory and living memory would eventually clash when the weak minds desired more influence and control over people. They tried to educate and convert people to their way of thinking, but living memory is deep rooted and people still followed their own traditions. The weak minds then tried to assimilate the people by appropriating and converting some of the people’s traditions, but this did not produce satisfactory results either. Living memory held greater sway than that which was written.

The weak minds then engaged in human sacrifice. The knowledge called folklore and its practices were deemed evil, but living memory is not written on dead plant fiber or animal skin. Many people were sacrificed on their alters to exalt the power of that which is written. More knowledge was lost through the brutality of the weak minds, but all was not lost. The weak minds had assimilated some of that lore and some was simply passed on from generation to generation, quietly in the ancient way from mouth to ear, or underground as it is said.

The times changed as time passed and living memory has demonstrated its resilience: the old lore resurfaced. The lore that was unwittingly assimilated into written text has been or is being re-filtered. The revival and reconstruction of lost ancient knowledge and its practices is an ongoing process. It is fortunate that the weak minds’ lack of knowledge concerning what they condemned made them blind to elements of ancient lore.

It is fortunate that the reach of these weak minds was limited primarily to Europe during their worst period. They did wreak havoc elsewhere, but they were not able to destroy ancient knowledge elsewhere to the degree they accomplished in Europe. Unfortunately, weak minds are still among us who continue trying to repress, suppress, and oppress any ways contrary to their thinking or self-righteousness. However, the blind aggression of weak minds has led humankind to a place where people are seeking out the ancient ways.

The evidence and indictment against the weak minded is contained within their own exalted written historical record. They have repeatedly demonstrated the truth in the words of Isaac Asimov,“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” (Salvor Hardin in “Foundation”). It might be added that chaos is the first refuge… observe the U.S. Congress! Sadly, we still let the weak minded write our [future] history.

Archeologists and anthropologists have revealed that prehistoric (unwritten) and primitive cultures seem to have some common practices, even though they were widely separated and had no contact with each other. People of European descent can take the remains of their ancient lore and reconstruct it in part by seeking similar patterns in other ancient cultures, for this reason (see The Sacred Circle.)

You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round. In the old days when we were a strong and happy people, all our power came to us from the sacred hoop of the nation, and so long as the hoop was unbroken, the people flourished. The flowering tree was the living center of the hoop, and the circle of the four quarters nourished it. The east gave peace and light, the south gave warmth, the west gave rain, and the north with its cold and mighty wind gave strength and endurance. (Black Elk, The Great Circle, Oglala Sioux)

Look at the great circle the horizon scribes around you. Go to a high place if your vision is obstructed. The Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, as does the Moon. Within this circle, you will witness all the magic of Life. Wherever you go, you will always be at the center of this circle. Within this circle you will be grounded and centered in reality.

But anywhere is the centre of the world. (Black Elk, The Gaia Foundation)

It is a mystery written in deep memory.

NOTE: Anyone who thinks the weak minded do not continue with the same tactics today should check out this link!


8 thoughts on “It Is Written

  1. Thank you for this reminder, and insightful description of how our human legacy has been slowly eradicated by the ‘weak minded’ . In Memory Culture by William Walker Atkinson, he sates this same fact, that for eons of time memory was prized, and the only way that history was passed generation to generation. The advent of the printing press made memory in necessary. I like how you have demonstrated the way we in Western Culture have been manipulated into a way of thinking that agrees with the concepts in our scriptures and textbooks.
    I have read ‘ Black Elk Speaks” and I am humbled at the wisdom of the man and the people. It was part of the inspiration for my handle ‘grandfathersky’

  2. I actually started writing about something else, but the last line of the first paragraph gave this piece a life of its own. The value of memory to the Ancient Ones was emphasized to me while studying Druidry. I hope I remember “Memory Culture” for future reading, simply because I have too many books open right now… see, my memory might need some exercise!

  3. Those who function from this place of fear and envy deserve our pity– they don’t understand enough about the abundance of life to realize that there is room for everyone at this banquet of spiritual wisdom. The weak-minded are like the starving urchin at a grand feast…you’ll often observe them stuffing their pockets and mouths with as many tasty morsels of other traditions as they can possibly ferret away, as if someone would slap them soundly for enjoying the bounty of life, and then protesting loudly that this party is wrong and evil and should be burned to the ground. What sad little creatures they are… loving God’s Words in all their infinite expressions, but unable to accept the varied sources through which these Words travel… Blessed Be, Fellow Seeker. You’re a Lamp upon the Path…

  4. Steve, you are a great writer and insightful man. I never thought of writing making memory unnecessary, which makes sense to me now after reading this post. It is interesting that I have also been mysteriously attracted to the “Circle”. The circle has become a symbol of peace, harmony, and peace. To me, it is a perfect form, without beginning and end, without corners. I think God as being a circle also.
    Earth, planets, and the sun are the shape of a circle, a 3 dimensional circles. When you wrote about “the great circle that scribes around me”, it reminded me of the circle that I have been reflecting on. If you visit my blog page titled the Spiritual Sphere, you will read more about this vision of mine. Peace.

  5. First, I want to apologize. I clicked on the “follow” button on your blog, so you are on my list of blogs to follow. I realize now that I have been following blogs through e-mail notifications (you don’t have that option on your blog) and not checking my blog list. Would it be possible to get you to add the “e-mail follow” option to your blog?

    Second, “The Spiritual Sphere” is a little complex. My first impression is that you are onto something there, but I need time to digest this for further comment – which I will post there.

    Third, the circle is an exquisite shape. When we think of God within the concept of a circle, some previously complex questions seem to have simple answers. Coincidentally, three concentric circles can define a sphere and I find the number 3 to be as exquisite as a circle. It has an obvious correlation with the Christian concept of God. You seem to find this number attractive in some manner also.

    Peace to you, also.

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