The Center of Our World

One definition for world is “all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you.” The great circle the horizon scribes around you delineates that world where your experiences occur; this is your reality. If you cannot see or envision the horizon, you may have to climb to a high place. The fascinating aspect of this circle is that you are always at the center of it, no matter where you go! Therein lies the simple truth in the words:

But anywhere is the centre of the world. Black Elk, The Gaia Foundation

This is a self-centered view in the physical realm. For this reason, no matter how much someone agrees with you, they are bound to be off-center at least a little bit. This can’t be helped; it’s unavoidable, so we all should just get used to it. At the other end of the spectrum, this means we all have at least one thing in common: everyone is at the center of their world. However, this fact dons even greater significance from a spiritual perspective.

We all stand at the center in the spiritual realm, also. We all occupy the same place in spirit, and that is our connection. This may seem a difficult concept because of some of the extreme differences we embody as individuals in the physical world. However, if we consider the conflicts and contradictions that manifest within ourselves as individuals, particularly between thought and emotion, is this really a difficult idea to conceive? A very gracious fellow has consented to let one of his compositions be used as a model.

Noel is trying to understand life through his personal experience, which falls under the definition of “world” cited above. In The Spiritual Sphere, Noel first presents a model of spiritual concepts, then he relates this model to his own inner turmoils (conflicts and contradictions) under the sub-heading of “My experience with SS.“ While Noel was obviously influenced by his Christian upbringing, I suspect many people of many different beliefs can easily relate to the inner turmoil, the inner conflicts and contradictions, in their own way. So, is it really that hard to imagine this microcosm of individual conflicts and contradictions in a macrocosm of an amalgam of spirits… all standing at the center of our world? This concept actually reflects the principle of “as above, so below.” I am grateful to Noel for sharing his personal journey because of what it represents.

We are all brothers [and sisters]; we are all one. I have heard this occasionally repeated since my childhood, but have had difficulty with the idea until now because of my experience; the things I have seen. Today, we are seven billion strong and face global climate change, economic collapse and dwindling resources. We can choose to recognize our spiritual connection, accept our differences, and work together for mutual benefit, OR we can follow the elitists that exalt differences to create separation for the purpose of leading us into battles of conquest over dwindling resources. Is this not the essential and critical question before us now… at the center of our world?


4 thoughts on “The Center of Our World

  1. You have such a unique perspective on the world and life in general, I always look forward to reading your blogs

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