I’m not normally into reblogging, but this post is too precious. It also reflects some things I have been learning in Kabbalah. I hope everyone checks this one out.


One of the false notions modern civilization embraces is that humankind has a superior intellect to that of former times—especially prehistoric times.

But Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff both disputed this contemporary assumption. They insisted that the human intellect has actually atrophied since remote times. Proof of this seemingly anti-intuitive position is that modern academics have great difficulty interpreting prehistoric and cave artwork. An element of mystery always surrounds ancient art.

Scholars try to interpret these images in purely natural terms, believing that ancient humans were merely trying to understand the physical world and habitat around them. They do leave some room for abstract thought and primitive religious expression. However, this abstract thought is seen as an early expression of human fantasy and superstition.

Not so!

What is misjudged is the depth of intellectual abstraction portrayed in the images used by prehistoric humans. These ancient images represent supra-natural (other-worldly)…

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  1. Thank you for highlighting this article. It was very interesting and begins to confirms some of the assumptions I had intuited in my personal studies about neolithic man.

  2. It was my pleasure. It not only begins to confirm some of my thoughts about “primitive” people, but also some thoughts about “modern” people.

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