Wild Wood

It is found at the end of civilization where the pavement ends and the street lights stop. It is not like the well groomed, mechanically manicured parks in the centers of the great cities for plants grow there without any apparent plan or convenience to man. To enter the wild wood is to leave the creation of humankind, the man-made, behind and wander in the nature-made or the creation of the Divine.

To enter the wild wood is to leave the profane to enter the sacred. This undoubtedly sounds Pagan to most, evoking an image of a Druid ceremony in an Oak grove or naked witches dancing around a fire on the full Moon. However, this is not an exclusively “Pagan” principle.

If you make an altar of stone for Me, you shall not build it of cut stones, for if you wield your tool on it, you will profane it. (Exodus 20:25 NASB)

The Divine apparently prefers things the way they were created, rather than with the modifications of humankind. It is actually a curious thing that many people find the temples, churches, and grand cathedrals created to honor the Divine more inspiring than that which was created by the Divine. However, many mock and slander those who have turned to the natural world to find and honor the Divine.

Immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go out into the wilderness. And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan; and He was with the wild beasts, and the angels were ministering to Him. (Mark 1:12-13 NASB)

I presume that many modern Christians associate the wilderness with the temptations of Satan, which they probably fear as much as wild beasts. Has the part about angels ministering been missed or overlooked? Doesn’t anyone wonder why Jesus went to a wild place after He was baptized, instead of the Temple? Some of the definitions of wild might be revealing in this matter.

A wild place has not been tamed, domesticated, or cultivated by the hand of humankind. No tool has been wielded upon it. Where no tool has been used, life is abundant. In the wild places there are no buildings, pavement, electric lights, furniture, automobiles, television or lawnmowers. There is abundant vegetation and animal life… and some uncut stone. Life is a sign of the Divine, and the sign is strongest where life is most abundant. If you truly wish to know God, go to the wild woods.I live at the end of a dirt road where the last street light has (thankfully) burnt out. The thick bush along the east side of the yard provides a home for a multitude of wild life. It is delightful to listen to bird song and chatter reverberate under the canopy of the trees on the hill beyond during the summer. There is a deep ravine between from which numerous creatures emerge. I feel quite fortunate to have found this place to live, as does my wife. The only place that could be better would be in the deep woods.

We are visited by numerous birds, particularly Dove and Crow. Woodchuck coexisted with us for a couple of years, but appears to have moved on. Raccoon and Skunk are common twilight visitors, as is Bear occasionally. However, Bear and Deer are more common in the early morning hours. We find our wild neighbors to be as respectful and cordial towards us as we are towards them. In fact, their conduct is superior to that of some of our so-called civilized neighbors, but now I digress.

Contemplation of the natural world invigorates me. It is particularly refreshing after eight or more hours of working in a manufacturing plant. I can feel the flow of natural life; I can sense Spirit. I suspect the contrast of the two opposite environments enhances this. However, experience has taught me that the dark of night also enhances this.

How can people who depend on their sight for so much sense the unseen? Either close your eyes, or wait for night. When you stand at the edge of the wild wood, it is better to wait for night because the distracting noisemakers go to sleep, also. Nevertheless, when you cannot depend on your sight, your other senses seem to come alive. If you cannot sense the Divine in the wild wood during the day, you certainly will at night.

I am not saying or implying that a person cannot experience a divine revelation in a city park, a temple, or anywhere else for that matter. What I am saying is that a person can have a guaranteed revelation of God by going into the wild wood (or wilderness) alone like the prophets of old did. You do not necessarily have to spend forty days there either; just go in one day and come out the next. I particularly recommend this experience to those who are rich in book learning, but whose self-righteous utterances reveal practical ignorance. A little practical experience would benefit them greatly. Of course, the longer the stay, the greater the experience.

I prefer to think that I live at the edge of the real (natural) world, rather than at the edge of civilization. The real world is simple and straightforward. Civilization is quite complex, convoluted, and in great distress. It seems that the only distress in the real world is created by civilization. Perhaps this has something do with the Judeo-Christian God feeling that tools profane things.


15 thoughts on “Wild Wood

  1. Always enjoy the observations you share. The passage from Exodus is one that has stuck in my head for many years … And who do you think Satan was, in the desert, was it the haunting of civilization …

  2. Actually, I read a blog by a Rabbi who said Satan is an angel whose job is to tempt people in the Jewish faith. He clearly stated that Satan is not considered “fallen” or the “epitome of evil” in Judaism. Nevertheless, you may be onto something there!

  3. Have missed you Steve. It’s good, really good, to read your thoughts and meditations again. THANK YOU.

  4. Your home sounds just lovely, Steve. Thank you for sharing the magic of it with us.
    And its nice to read a post from you again….:)
    Hope you are getting the R&R you need, and that you are finding peace and planting your feet firmly in a welcoming place again…
    I wanted to share this with you, something I posted this morning….I think you will find it relaxing and healing……Blessings to you

  5. Thank you. We are suffering an apparently early Spring here, which tends to result in spending more time outside and less at the computer. Of course, being outside can be more inspiring, too.

  6. I’ve grown fond of your “haunting of civilization” concept in the short time since I read it. Lucifer as bringer of light works into that well, too. Regardless, I think someone has been deceived.

  7. There is a deep mystery being kept for sure, I have spent my life searching, at time seemed close , but then it only deepens. By “haunting of civilization” do you mean a theme that runs through my writing?

  8. I was speaking of your original comment that ended with “And who do you think Satan was, in the desert, was it the haunting of civilization …”

  9. Ahhh, I was reading the comments using the drop-downs, and I agree, I think we are haunted by our past, as Yeats said in The Second Coming – That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  10. My favorite places are the ones that are untouched. My family has property that is reclaimed coal land. It has been allowed to grow wild for several decades, and it feels so great to me. The wild places are where I feel the most at peace. Your farm looks beautiful.

  11. They wild places are truly the best, but also endangered. Fortunately, nature is quick to reclaim what civilization does not maintain, as your family property demonstrates. Blessed be.

  12. Absolutely. I was just watching the sky last evening, it was a beautiful sight! I have been observing the tree in front of my house, because it reminds me of peace, harmony, and balance. I have been contemplating on squirrels and birds, because they are our companions. Observing my children remind me to appreciate simplicity, innocence, and honesty. Nature is definitely a reminder that God is real, and it is in nature where I have found a lot of peace. I remember going to a park at St. Augustine, Florida, where I felt a peaceful and spiritual presence there. Anyways, thank you for this wonderful post. Peace.

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