To Walk in the Rain

I await the rain. It seems an odd thing to do, doesn’t it? Most people seem to associate rain with gloominess and being limited to the indoors. Sunshine is associated with warmth, joy, and freedom to roam, but I await the rain.

I await the rain because it is as important to life as the Sun. We have had a fair amount of “nice” days lately, but no rain. I have planted snap peas, radishes, and a young oak, so rain would be nice. Yes, I water these things with a hose, but predictions of a drought this year cause me concern about the rain. It seems that in all things in balance is best, so I await the rain.

I remember a dry summer several years ago. We would get cloudy days like today, and I would hear people wishing for the Sun to come out. There would always be a few quiet, dour souls, though. Their springs had gone dry and they had to carry water home, or they were farmers worried about their crops. We had seen too many overcast days that produced no rain. Although these overcast days did not produce rain, the temperature was at least a little more comfortable. Nevertheless, there always seemed a number of insensitive souls vocally wishing for the Sun to come out.

Those who unknowingly were praying for sunshine were connected to municipal water supplies and did no gardening of any form. They didn’t want their recreational activities like boating, biking, or riding their ATV’s to be threatened by rain. Apparently, they had not noticed that it had not rained in a long time, and I wondered how non-raining clouds interfered with their pastimes.

I was amazed at how disconnected people could be from the world around them simply because of technology like municipal water supply, industrial food supply, and two-cycle engines. Sometimes I would ask one of the quiet people about their spring or crop of corn, hoping the vocal ones might wake up to what was going on around them, but it was to no avail. Apparently their senses and sensibilities had become more dulled than I suspected.

I could not help but wonder if there was a connection between the unbalanced weather and unbalanced people. Within the Hermetic principle of polarity, I view selfishness and selflessness as opposite ends of the spectrum of Ego. Selfishness (or self-centeredness) was as predominant as the lack of rain and social graces. I could not help but wonder about the possible correlation here because I have been taught about the power of thought-forms manifested through both prayer and magic.

“Be careful what you wish for” and “think before you speak” were fairly common sayings in the early to mid-twentieth century. I wonder if these aphorisms are taught anymore because the behavior of many belie that. However, I also marvel at how those old adages align with contemporary spiritual principals. Perhaps our ancestors possessed wisdom that we failed to recognize because we know that we are much smarter than they were?

I believe there is much we can learn from nature, but we have to pay attention first. Perhaps the purpose of natural disasters (like droughts) is simply to get our attention. That may be a tall order in a time where minds are numbed by television, medications, and technology in general. However, as I write these last lines reflecting on the rain, the rain that I awaited has arrived. I think I will go sit on the porch and enjoy it. By the way, has anyone learned to enjoy a walk in the rain?


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