Moon Gazing

The Moon has drawn close to the Earth in its fullness and in the time of Beltane. It is Cinco de Mayo and the skies are clear. It is the best weather in northeastern Vermont (thus far) that has coincided with a sacred time. As many have written, the best rituals are those held outdoors and close to nature.

I started a small fire in the center of the medicine wheel. A small fire is all that is needed for my wife and I. As the kindling started to catch, we noticed our crazy neighbor messing around near the elderberry bushes that I had planted this afternoon.

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel – Autumn 2011

The crazy lady next door gets upset whenever we improve something. She apparently came home from work and noticed that we had done something below the knoll where our yards meet. She jumped on her new riding lawnmower and headed for that area.

The woman and her sons have been playing with their new toy all week, so that area was well mowed before today (while my yard is just reaching a point where it might need its first mowing in a few days.) We watched her circle the area a couple of times, but she failed to hide her preoccupation with our new elderberry plants. Her third time up the slope had the tractor stalling. She appeared to knock it out of gear, as the tractor started rolling backward suddenly. We thought she was going over the bank into a deep ravine, but the wheels turned enough to save her from that.

She might have run over one of the elderberry plants, but she stopped just shy of it. She had slipped off her seat and was half on the ground, so my wife called out and asked if she was alright. She spluttered that she was fine, restarted the mower and drove off. She quickly parked the mower and limped into her home.

I have had a feeling that the Spiritus Loci like the elderberry, and my wife has confirmed this. What we witnessed looked like the crazy woman encountered the protective spirits of this place. This reminded me of an old world custom at Beltane, so I circumambulated our yard three times.

My wife had the fire going well when I returned to the medicine wheel. We then called upon the Ancient Ones. There seemed an unusual power to this evening. Perhaps it was nothing more than being outside and sensing the raw energy of the wild after the winter hibernation. Maybe it was the closeness of the Moon which had not yet risen. We stared into the fire while we waited upon the Moon and quickly became mesmerized.

My wife started sniffling. It was a good day for working outside because of the moderate temperature, and it seemed comfortable to me. She had suffered frail health this winter, though, so it seemed prudent for her to go inside. I always prefer her presence, but practical matters have strength.

I returned to gazing into the fire as I waited upon the Moon. Fire is magic, and fire is power. It is amazing what can be seen in the dancing flames. It seemed like I was being prepared for Moon rise. It wasn’t long before I spied the silver orb behind the trees on an eastern hill.

The Moon may have appeared a little larger than normal once it cleared the horizon. Its brilliance was most noticeable to me, but it has been a long time since the sky has been this clear for a full Moon. I am also easily mesmerized by the Moon, particularly when full. For this reason, I spoke my pronouncements to the blessed orb before I should become entranced by its wonder. I could then relax and gaze upon her beauty.

I do not know how long I gazed upon the silver orb. However. I snapped out of my reverie when I saw the form of a dragon on its bright face. I refocused my eyes several times in attempts to gain clearer vision, but I think the Moon’s brightness presented some issue.

I respectfully concluded this engagement with the Ancient Ones. This took a bit of time as I seemed unusually aware of how deeply each was entwined in my life. Once this was accomplished, I went to see if my wife was able to come out for a minute. She easily saw the dragon silhouette without any description provided.

Have you ever gazed at the Moon and seen something other than a face? Have you ever seen the silhouette of a dragon?