To Bring Beauty Into The World

Take a deep breath, then slowly exhale. Take a moment away from the gloom, despair, and anxiety that seems to permeate the atmosphere these days. Take a moment to appreciate how good a breath of fresh air can be. Isn’t that just what you need; a breath of fresh air?

Notice the rest you find when you exhale? You can take some rest from the negativity, worry, and depression. You can take a break from the news, too. You can rest easy knowing that all that stuff will still be waiting for you when return from your break. You need rest and deserve a break regularly. Rest is part of your natural cycle as evidenced by your breathing and sleeping.

Sleep is good, but it is not sufficient rest in these troubled times. Sometimes you need to clear your mind so you can gain a new perspective on an old problem (meditation.) Sometimes you need to clear your mind to put anything and everything into a proper perspective (contemplation or reflection.) You need rest to maintain your sanity, so take a break.

Have you ever noticed how the word “peace” is normally associated with “quiet”? Carefully attend the things you hear in normal conversation during your day. People tend to focus on negative things that induce insecurity, anxiety, and worry. Rick Hanson PhD wrote that the human tendency to be negative is based on our natural instinct to watch for threats to our existence. Although this negativity may be explained by our human nature, it does not stop us from being driven to the desperate desire for “a little peace and quiet!” This is a sign that a rest break is imperative.

The sunniest days can seem dark, dismal, and depressing at times. It is sad that some people feel their only means to cope is through medications, alcohol, violence, and/or suicide. These solutions are not only bad for them, but they often result in an uglier world for the rest of us. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: let’s bring light and beauty into this dark and ugly world.

I am not suggesting that we all become artists: poets, painters, sculptors, or musicians. However, there are simple ways we all can bring beauty into the world everyday. As cliché as it may be, a smile can be infectious. My wife has a smile that always brightens my day, and her smile reminds me that I do not smile enough. I will have to work on that.

You must be the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)

I find it hard not to smile when confronted by the smile of another. I once responded to another’s smile with a smile, then recognized the person as someone I didn’t like because of the trouble they caused me personally. Although a smile has great power, I do not think it has sufficient power to dispel the darkness of modern times, though.

I look to my wife for another example of bringing beauty into this world. I am biased, so I can find many ways she brings beauty into my life. However, to illustrate the principle I am trying to portray here, I must lean towards her cooking for it seems to bring pleasure to others as it does myself. She brings beauty into the world through an activity that many take for granted. This also makes me wonder how many people bring beauty into the world through activities that are taken for granted, and go unappreciated. It does seem that the natural instinct of humankind has them ignoring the beauty of the simple things in life, in favor of (or preference to) watching for “threats.”

It is also an ability of humankind to overcome their natural instincts; an ability that sets this species apart from others. It appears that we can blindly wallow in our natural instincts and depress the hell out of each other, or we can choose to live with a higher purpose. “To bring beauty into the world” seems like a good purpose, doesn’t it?

As I reflect upon this purpose, I realize that I have not been appreciative of how people bring beauty into the world apparently. I am not talking about professional ways, either (like poets, painters, sculptors, and musicians.) Professionals work for money, while the common person works out of a love. As an example: gardeners are people who work to bring beauty into the world because they like doing it, while landscapers are professionals. This is not to say that professionals do not love their professions. I’m simply looking for simply ways the general population tries to bring beauty into this world in simple ways.

I am a bit ashamed at how I am drawing a blank here. I do not seem to be very appreciative, so I must work to improve that, as well as find more ways to bring beauty into this world myself. In the meantime, perhaps you can contribute some ways everyday people try to bring beauty into the world? What do you do?


16 thoughts on “To Bring Beauty Into The World

  1. Thank you. I certainly do not think allowing ourselves to be driven crazy is a good solution. We need to take some time for the simple things in life… the things we have some control over.

  2. I have a friend who dances, another who drums, another who sings. I have a friend who grows flowers and one who brews poisons. I know a man who always takes the long way because the view is better. I know another who takes the short way because he thinks his place of work is beautiful in itself. I know people who garden, or who take the time to give the dog a belly rub just because. All of these things are beautiful. Me I try to keep the places around me safe so they can keep doing these things.

  3. Since I started posting on WP I find I have a small cadre of followers who seem to appreciate my words, and so daily I try to write something. It helps me and others, then that is its own reward…

  4. Thank you for such an excellent list. Obviously, you understand what I am talking about. I know there are many things people do to bring beauty into the world, but we are often too focused on the negative to notice. This may be why I faced a mental block, too. However, I would like to focus a little on your last statement.

    I know that you not only wear Kevlar because you work to maintain the peace in your area, but you also work voluntarily on an ambulance. You are a devoted public servant that probably receives little appreciation, but you also get to see the “raw” side of life. I find it amazing that you work voluntarily in emergency services, considering your profession. I also know that both “activities” produce high levels of stress. I think more appreciation might help balance that stress, at least a little. On that note, let me say that I challenge anyone’s mental faculties who cannot see that caring for the welfare of others is “bringing beauty into the world.”

  5. I was thinking about you this morning before I came online because I am part of your small cadre. You qualify because you obviously are not writing professionally. Your words are often deep and inspiring. I wholeheartedly hope you continue with your expressions from your heart. Thank you.

  6. Thanks- that’s probably higher praise than I deserve. When I think about it though, I suspect that a big part of why I work where I do is because I get to see a remarkable amount of beauty hidden in with the garbage. Courage and love of family and friends, the serene acceptance in the eyes of a human being that knows they are dying and is ready for it. These things are beautiful too. And humbling.

  7. I only know you from your blog, so there is obvious potential to be wrong, but I do not think so. I have seen first-aid teams dealing with accidents in the workplace that my weak stomach would prohibit me from dealing with (if the people looked to me for help in such crises, they would be a sorry lot!) No, the praise was not higher than you or any other emergency worker deserves. However, you raise another good point: people who demonstrate qualities like courage and love also bring beauty into the world.

  8. Likewise – and I don’t think I could write professionally. I can’t stand deadlines. I loved the line in the film ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ The Pope says “Michelangelo, when will you make an end, and his replay is “When I am finished!”

  9. Today at work, while driving to a Hospital to visit patients, I chose not to turn the radio on. I simply enjoyed the silence. It was even better since it rained all day (I live in Florida). Taking deep breaths is also one of my favorite things to do to help me relax. I also enjoy painting, writing, and playing with my children.

  10. I imagine you to live a balanced life, Noel. You have written some very deep things in your quest for understanding, therefore I imagine the same intensity in your painting. This is you trying to bring beauty into the world, but then you express an openness to other beauty in the world other than your own creativity.

    Silence, quiet, to be still; not masking reality with noise. You appreciate the rain (like LadyImbrium and myself) which is unusual even in this time of drought; many people seem to want sunny days all the time. However, you put yourself in a receptive mode before visiting patients. Breathing simply inspires.

    Many people get frustrated because it seems like nobody is listening to them, and the truth is that listening seems to be a lost art. I imagine you provide some relief by listening, particularly since simply being a patient is enough to frustrate most people. I think the art of listening is another not-so-obvious way of bringing beauty in the world.

    You make me miss my grandchildren, though. They are living in Virginia right now. You make me miss them because you cause me to think about how beautiful the sound of their laughter is. I think there is a reciprocal action here when we play with children; we bring beauty into their lives as they bring beauty into our lives. You express this reciprocal beauty, after revealing how you try to create beauty, and how you prepare yourself to receive it. That is why I imagine you to live a balanced life.

    You have also provided me with much more food for thought (contemplation.) Thank you.

  11. I know a man who writes a blog about the Still, Small Voice in the World. He is humble & kind, and provides a rare calm in a world where people compete to see who can make the most noise. He’s blessed with Eyes that Reflect the Beauty around him… God/dess bless you, Gentle Sir. 🙂

  12. I know a dear lady who artfully expresses herself in a blog by keeping in touch with the real things in life; she tries to keep things simple. She tries to avoid the abstractions and madness of the “greater public world,” but her distaste for social injustice can cause her to speak out… quite clearly! God/dess bless you,
    Lovely Lady. 🙂

  13. Steve, I had no idea my short comment would trigger such a long response from you. I don’t actually live a balanced life like I would like to, but I certainly am trying and have done better. Sorry that you live far from your grandchildren. I live far from my father which hurts me. Not much I can do about it. My profession does involve a lot of listening, and you are right when you say it is a lost art. Few people do it these days. When I first read your blog, I was intrigued by your title and subtitle… it is a very inspiring message about humbling myself to the point of reaching complete peace. Your words are very soothing. Thank you.

  14. I asked for input on this matter, and what little I have received thus far has been enlightening. There are many ways that people bring beauty into the world everyday, but it generally goes unnoticed. You do not think you live a balanced life, but you probably live a more balanced life than you think. The reason that I have been writing the comments I have been to everyone is because it is my personal goal stop looking at “threats” only; I am trying to train myself to look at the beauty in life. The responses I have received have been inspiring and conducive to that end. Writing simply aids me in acknowledging what I am seeing. Thank you!

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