The Power of Creation

It is helpful to incorporate your own words and spiritual beliefs into a personal creation myth that will function as your doorway to understanding the unity all ancient and modern mystics speak of. (Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth, p. 21)

There are many creation myths in our world. We think that people of common beliefs subscribe to the same creation myths. Essentially they do, but each person within any given group tends to have an individual perspective or slant on their creation myth. The perspective of an individual may not seem much different than the group doctrine; it may not even be recognized. However, it is the nature of humankind to relate to things in ways as individual as their fingerprints.In the beginning, there was One. The One was All, and there was nothing else. Then the All became three. The All became the Lord, the Lady, and the space in between them.

The Lord was bright and dazzling. He mesmerized the Lady with His energy and elan. He was completely Her converse.

The Lady was dark and deep. She enchanted the Lord with Her beauty and mystery. She was soothing and seductive.

The space between them was a reminder that they were now separate. Although they were polar opposites, they knew balance could be found in union because of their deep memory. When they expressed their deep desire for each other, they spoke in song.

The Lord and Lady began to circle each other as in a great dance while they sang. As they slowly moved closer to each other, the circle became a spiral. As the space between them lessened, their knowledge of each other grew, as did the anticipation. There was great ecstasy when they finally joined as One.

The space between them became the space around them, and it was filled with a Creation born out of their ecstasy. The Creation that we are a part of is the product of that holy union. Everything is sacred from the highest to the lowest. Everything is balanced. Sing and dance, and you will know ecstasy for these are the patterns of life.

As the issue from the union of living creatures are heirs to the nature of their ancestors, the Divine Creation reflects the character of the Divine. As above, so below. The difference between the subtle and gross, the pure and profane, the spiritual and physical seems to be a difficult concept for the human mind to grasp, though. It is the mystery: as within, so without. Spirit calls unto spirit

It seems propitious to write this at the time of the 2012 Autumnal Equinox, because an equinox is a time of balance when day and night, light and dark, are equal. There seems to be so little balance in our world these days, so let us look to the Divine for balance. Perhaps in understanding we can find hope.

The Autumnal Equinox marks the beginning of the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere; the time of the Lady, dark and deep. In contrast, the Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of the light half of the year; the time of the Lord, bright and dazzling. The great dance continues, but humankind no longer dances.

The industrialized world has separated and insulated themselves from the natural cycles. Electric lights in our offices, factories, and homes allow us to work around the clock. Modern heating allow us to work non-stop through coldest times of the year. Modern transportation, refrigeration, and supermarkets relieve our concerns about our food supply. We live our lives at the monotonous rhythm of modern industry, rather than moving with the natural cycles of relative rest and great activity. We do not dance the dance anymore, and our society is ill. We eat industrially processed food and people are obese and sick. A “blue-tooth” may be a sign of assimilation into the grand industrial machine.

The Autumnal Equinox marks our departure from the energy of the light half of the year that is full of activity in the natural world. As the days grow shorter, they also grow colder and the natural world goes to rest. Barren are the trees and the land, particularly after the first snowfall. Nightfall is earlier and longer; the quiet is broken only by the howl of the North wind. This is a good time for rest, reflection, and contemplation. It is a good time to find your creation myth; your doorway to understanding.

It is a mystery that the leaves of trees turn to such brilliant colors before they fall to their death, and in their death they nurture new life come Spring. It is a sign that enlightenment may be found in the time of rest and reflection, which can nurture new life also. May the colors of Autumn be exceptionally brilliant this year as an omen of greater renewal in the coming Spring. May your dance be a dance of joy.


The Witch’s Pyramid: Tacere

Tacere is Latin for one of the Four Powers of the Magus, or the Witch’s Pyramid. The four powers (or pillars) are usually listed in the order of Noscere, Velle, Audere, and finally Tacere. When specifically discussing the Witch’s Pyramid, a fifth power is often added; Ire. I have seen both the order and the correspondences altered. All this suggests that these powers are subject to interpretation. I simply propose a deeper alternative for Tacere here, for your consideration.

To Be Silent

Tacere is commonly defined as “to be silent” when discussed in the context of the Witch’s Pyramid. The explanation for silence often revolves around a spell being countered unintentionally by the attitude or mindset of another, or intentionally by another with their own agenda. Additionally, it is explained that, when in a coven, one should not speak about coven things with outsiders. I do not dispute the prudence of this instruction. However, these explanations seem more like rules than a power, although following these rules should prevent power from being diminished.

Noscere is defined as “to know,” and most people recognize knowledge as power today. Velle is defined as “to will,” and the human will is regarded by most as a force (or power) to be reckoned with. Audere is defined as “to dare” which invokes the strength of courage, and strength is also commonly recognized as power. These first three powers are raised to actually cast a spell to manifest a need, while the fourth “power” is simply a prudent method for avoiding interference? Would it be more accurate to call this the Three Powers and a Rule of the Magus?

To Quiet the Mind

Mental clarity enhances intuitive power, as well as enhancing insight. The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind, a popular practice in the Orient that often frustrates Westerners. A Buddhist form of meditation called Mindfulness does not expect you to clear your mind, but instead encourages you to simply focus your attention on the present moment. This is accomplished by focusing your attention on your breath, your footsteps as you walk, or anything similar that will focus your attention on the present. This is not as easy as it sounds, though.

I have read that novices in the practice of Mindfulness should not be discouraged by apparent failure in their initial attempts. We (I still consider myself a novice) can learn much about how our minds work by noting what distracts them into “wandering.” I have been amazed to note how many of my thoughts are devoted to the past or the future, and how little are actually devoted to the present. The sheer volume of mental chatter seems quite amazing, too. There should be no surprise when we or others do not notice things happening around us because of all our mental distractions.

Focus suggests intensity which is power. Mental clarity is necessary for focus. Tacere sounds more like a power if we apply “to be silent” to our state of mind.

To Be Still

The past has passed into memory; it is “water under the bridge” as it is said. The future has not yet manifested itself; it is a projection of expectation and worry. When the mind becomes still, our attention is focused on the thin reality of the present that seems sandwiched between the abstractions (and distractions) of past and future. Our awareness of reality becomes greatly enhanced. There is knowledge to be gleaned in this awareness.

Noscere is defined as “to know.” Discussion of Noscere in the context of the Witch’s Pyramid usually revolves around gathering knowledge through study, and employing that knowledge properly in spell casting. I do not refute this. However, there is other valuable knowledge that can be gained through a heightened awareness of reality, so there appears to be an overlap between Tacere and Noscere.

Velle is defined as “to will.” Discussion of Velle seem to revolve around focusing one’s intent. The state of mind created by focusing awareness on that sliver of time known as the present can only facilitate focusing intent. There appears to be an overlap between Tacere and Velle, also.

Audere is defined as “to dare.” Mental clarity, confidence in one’s knowledge, and intense will may be necessary to raise the courage required to manifest your need. All of my intuitive reasoning, study, and experimentation in this matter suggests that Tacere should be first in the order, rather than last. It may be conceivable to raise all four powers simultaneously, but the human mind seems to prefer linear thinking and, therefore, sequence or order.

Honorable Mention

Little has been discussed about the fifth power associated with the Witch’s Pyramid. Ire is defined as “to go.” If you raise the Four Powers of the Magus properly, then your spell should work; it should go! All five powers have elemental correspondences, and Ire corresponds with the element of Spirit. Some schools of thought hold that Spirit is comprised of all four of the other elements, so it seems reasonable to assume Ire to be comprised of all four of the other powers. Visualize a pyramid, seeing the four powers/elements rising up from the four base corners of the pyramid and coming together at the peak represented by Ire/Spirit.

This is the essential structure of the Witch’s Pyramid, or a cone of power required to manifest your need or desire. It would seem that if you raise the Four Powers of the Magus properly, the fifth power will naturally follow. I discuss the four powers for this reason, not for any lack of regard for Spirit. However, the elemental correspondences may be revealing in the matter of the order of the powers.

Quarter Calls

The written material that I have examined in this matter is oriented to the northern hemisphere and use similar correspondences, so I also use those correspondences. These correspondences are being used to illustrate a theory only. There is no reason to believe other correspondences aren’t adaptable to the Witch’s Pyramid, or that correspondences are even necessary. That being said, here are the elemental and directional correspondences I usually find being used:
1. Noscere (to know);     Air;       East
2. Velle (to will);             Fire;      South
3. Audere (to dare);       Water;  West
4. Tacere (to be silent);  Earth;   North
As stated in the opening paragraph, I have seen variations in the order and correspondences.

The significance of this particular order is that it aligns exactly with a common order for calling the Quarters. This is also one of the sequences for calling the Quarters that I was shown when I was first introduced to Wicca over a decade ago. I adopted this sequence because it seemed the most common. However, the alternative I read about started in the North with Earth and proceeded clockwise through Air and Fire to Water. The corresponding order for the powers would then be Tacere, Noscere, Velle, and Audere. Perhaps the latter sequence might have some advantages. Of course, you end where you begin in an unbroken circle.

There seems to be a certain elegance to begin your work with Tacere, the deep power, and to end your work with Tacere, the rule of secrecy. It is prudent. You also may be surprised at what an awareness of the present reality may also reveal to you about yourself

To Be

As you quiet your mind, let your body be still also. As the mental chatter diminishes, you should become more aware of tension within your physical body. Let your body rest by releasing the tension into the earth. Once your body is fully relaxed and your mind becomes quiet, you should gain a growing sense of another aspect of yourself. It is the most important aspect of yourself. It is also the prelude to astral travel and ecstatic journeys. It is the thing that you will not find without if you cannot find it within that is mentioned in the Charge of the Goddess. Ironically, it all starts with Tacere.

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