A Holy Time

The Sun is in the house of the Archer, and a bright light shines forth from the heart of the heavenly Silver Wheel. The nights are cold and long, but lend more time to gaze upon the the sparkling celestial wheel and its glory. Who can fathom the mysteries of Creation?Silver Wheel

There is a madness upon the Earth and in your mind. Silence your thoughts and lift your head. Look to the heavens. Marvel at the colors of the setting Sun. Search the depths of the star filled sky that follows. When the Moon rises, ponder the majesty of the heavens above. The spectacle of the Northern Lights would surely complete the grand vision if you are so blessed. The dramas of humankind pale to insignificance by comparison.

By what measure do we judge our importance? Everyone can see the grand movements in the heavens above, if they look. Who can see us if we do not draw attention to ourselves? We really are small and insignificant. Why do we fancy the purpose of Gods and Goddesses is to grant us our heart’s desire, or even to punish us? It would be more sensible to think our purpose is to behold Their magnificent works of creation with awe and reverence. If we are sinners, perhaps it is due to our high estimation of ourselves.

Behold the devastation we perpetrate upon the Earth. We are born of Her dust, and to Her dust we will return. It is by Her fertility we are fed, and from Her waters we drink; She nurtures us. She is the Great Mother of us all, but we trample Her like a great herd of ignorant beasts. Is it by our arrogance and impudence that we measure our great importance?

Know the name Arianrhod; it means “silver wheel”. She is a mother goddess who was publicly raped, too. She knows injustice, but by Her wisdom and authority balance is restored. What considerations do you expect from Her?

December 2nd is Arianrhod’s day. What consideration will you grant Her? If you desire light to return to this world, let it first manifest within yourself.


Math the Son of Mathonwy: The Fourth Portion of the Mabinogi


6 thoughts on “A Holy Time

  1. When I read of the injustice directed at woman all around the world I am deeply affected by the tragedy. Largely because every perpetrator has a mother, none could be born into this world without her, yet sometimes by 8 years old they are carrying Kalishnakov’s and raining hate upon their very own beginnings. It is as if the patriarchs of the world know some secret and are trying to hide it. Also, is it any wonder that cancer is so prevalent among us, if we show no compassion for the organism supporting us, how could our bodies be any different. As above so below … Thank you for the reminder of this sacred day …

  2. This gave me chills on the gray cold day of Her’s. It helps me to take a moment and step back and just stare at the beauty and wonder in the world. Is that what we’re missing these busy human days? We don’t take the time to stop and smell the magic?

  3. Yes, I think that is what we are missing and why people seem to feel unfulfilled. We get so busy with the man-made world that we forget about the real world. However, I would use you as an example of a busy person who still finds time for the real world… to ground and center. It may not seem often enough to you, but it is far more than what many do. Blessed be.

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