The Dance of Life

Take my hand, my friend, and walk with me awhile. You need not explain yourself, for I am not your judge. You need not seek my favor, for I am not your savior. I am but a simple soul, like yourself, in need of respite. Let us walk for awhile to see if we can find some music.

Music is a curious thing, is it not? A sequence of sounds most magical that stirs something deep within. It makes you want to move with it, but in ways not common in this busy world of work, work, work. Its rhythms and movements are much livelier than the tick-tock of the time clock. The methodical beat of the machine deadens the soul, but the rhythms of music restore it. It must be an enchantment, don’t you think?

spiritWe are told that we need to “act responsibly,” to be “productive members of society”, and to “contribute to the common good.” Society places many burdens upon us saying, “These are the formulas for success.” But when we hear the music, we forget those burdens. When we move to the rhythms, we feel light. Our spirit soars and we take flight. The deep memory is awakened; we remember what it feels like to be alive. It feels good.

We have been dissected and analyzed. Every personality trait has become a syndrome or disorder that can be treated with medication. If we survive the “possible side-effects,” will we become clones of some secret ideal? What does not kill the body will kill the spirit? Awaken my friend, for it is time to dance to restore your soul and for your spirit to take flight.

You have people who depend on you? As do I. You have no means to divorce yourself from this society? Nor do I. But if we remember to dance to the changing rhythms of music, them we can learn to dance to the changing rhythms of life. Instead of fearing and resisting change, we can learn to move with it. You will then realize how to change the “changes.” The Dance of Life is the formula for survival; it is good medicine.

I do so enjoy the presence of your spirit that I hate to part company, but it is all part of the Dance. Perhaps we will walk together again, but then perhaps not. Spirit calls unto spirit, and we may be called down diverging paths. I will be thankful for our time together, rather than saddened by the parting. Our spirits must be free to flow with Spirit, for this is the essential Dance of Life. Be free my friend, and be blessed.


13 thoughts on “The Dance of Life

  1. Beautiful and wise. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece. It reminded me of learning to hear the music in nature, to dance with the breeze.
    I think inately humans resist change. It’s when we see change is a part of our evoultion as individuals and that, that evoultion makes us better, stronger individuals that it becomes easier to flow with it and even embrace it.
    Again thank you for such a relaxing and thoughful write.
    Brightest Blessings to you

  2. Oh wow…I definately needed to read this tonight. I was listening to S.J. Tucker’s song tonight , “In the Name of the Dance” as I was cleaning the stove; music has a huge impact on how you go about your activities because it almost takes you to another place and affects your vibrations – making those not so pleasant tasks more tolerable to get through.

  3. In my dreams I dance upon the surface of the sea and spin and leap with tongues of fire. I glide as the wind and my footsteps are as steady and true as the earth herself. Every now and again we miss a step and that’s OK too because the rhythm of life is imperfect as it is inexorable. Beautifully rendered.

  4. Music has much power. I have never read or heard of an explanation that adequately explains this, but not all things need explanation. Let’s simply enjoy living.

  5. Jazz is most fascinating in this matter. Sometimes the instruments seem to be played for different effects simultaneously, but what should sound like chaos turns out to be quite exquisite. I think too many people fret far too much over those missteps, and I am glad you don’t. It is all part of the dance. BTW, it was in responding to a comment on your recent post that inspired this. You played the muse once again!

  6. Have you not investigated prehistory, how the pyramids were actually built, and other monuments – Baalbek, Stonhenge, Cuzo, Machu Pichu, Puma Punku, all of the world before our written history, they were all build using sound, by a culture that knew its power so much better that we. Look at the ears of the Moai on Easter Island – did they not know the power of sound – the story is that they dance into the places where they stand – a priori – it had to have been through the use of music ….
    Anyway – beautiful post …

  7. Despite the technological achievements of our generation, I truly believe that our ancient ancestors possessed an awareness of reality that we have lost. Anyway – “beautiful post” from someone who writes as you do is quite a compliment. Thank you.

  8. I read this a few days ago, came back today and read it again with the same enthusiasm. There is so much power in dancing, it cannot be emphasized enough. Thanks for sharing!

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