Liebster Award

“[T]his blog definitely qualifies as a little bit of lovely,” writes the Lady of Rains. I do not normally accept blog awards, but she has been my muse on more than one occasion. For this reason, I feel compelled to appreciate her charming sentiment.

The price of this honor is that I must pass it on, which should not be a problem considering the number of excellent blogs available. There are a few light “obligations” that come with this award that I must honor and list as:

leibster-awardThe Rules

1) Thank the one who nominated you.
2) Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3) Post 11 random facts about yourself.
4) Pass the award on to 11 other blogs, excluding the one that nominated you.
5) Pass 11 questions on to be answered by your nominees.
6) Paste the award picture in your blog.

The Answers

1) Assuming that cost is no object, what is one thing that your dream house absolutely MUST have? A greenhouse.
2) Everyone has that song that they hear and crank up the radio- what’s yours? “Jump Into the Fire” – Nilsson
3) How many of those phone apps do you actually use? None
4) What’s a technology you absolutely couldn’t do without? Agriculture
5) What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate
6) Sunset or sunrise? Sunset
7) What’s your favorite woodland (desertland, mountainland, anything not typically domesticated) creature? Deer
8) What’s your favorite season? Spring
9) What’s your favorite musical genre? Classic Rock
10) What is your favorite plant? Mugwort
11) Silver or gold? Silver

The Random Facts

1) The many uses of herbs and their essential oils is fascinating.
2) The company of indigenous wild life is enjoyable.
3) Observation: Reality is the foundation of the man-made world; do not confuse the two.
4) Observation: “Incredible” means something lacks credibility.
5) Observation: Congress is incredible.
6) Observation: Chaos (or confusion) is the refuge of the incompetent.
7) Observation: To be “charmed” or “enchanted” is not necessarily a bad thing.
8) The sound of a Native American flute is enchanting.
9) The laughter of children is charming… before they think they know it all!
10) Observation: The past is but a memory, and the future is merely speculation; only the present has substance.
11) I can function when the power goes out.

The Nominees (in no particular order)

1) Stone of Destiny
2) In the Chimehours
3) grandfathersky
4) Journeying to the Goddess
5) It’s a journey
6) The Cosmic Carousel
7) By Stag and Eagle
8) Truth and Compassion
9) Dale’s Blog
10) idealistic fool
11) Street Smarts

My Questions

1) Do you have a hobby?
2) What is your favorite animal?
3) What is your favorite book?
4) What is your favorite movie?
5) What is your favorite television program?
6) What is your favorite music?
7) What is your favorite season?
8) Do you have a favorite charity?
9) Do you have a personal crusade?
10) What makes you laugh?
11) Who is your favorite comedian?


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks of agriculture as a technology. Now I’m off to read a few of your nominees’ blogs as I don’t think that they are all on my current read-this-blog list.

  2. Thank you, gentle sir. Having no idea of such things, I tried looking up Liebster Award in my browser. Liebster apparently means “beloved” or “dearest” in German. Most say it is for new or lightly recognized blogs, and many others use the number 5 rather than 11. In any case, thank you for the recognition, a pleasant surprise beginning the new year.

  3. Actually, I received this award about a year ago. I believe it was 5 then. It was passed to me as 11 this year. I do not know who increased it, but it wasn’t me. Nevertheless, keep up the good work!

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