Is technology a curse or blessing? I have gotten the distinct impression that people use it to separate and insulate themselves from the natural world; that they no longer see themselves as a part of this divine creation, but rather above it. I have come to see technology as a curse in that it has distorted the perception of some to the beauty of creation and their place within it. However, today I must question this perception.

I have been going to school to learn network administration because it offers a future in an ailing economy. This has led to personal technological improvements at home. I finally went wireless so the monument to technology (the desktop) could be moved to another location; we reclaimed our living room! With an eye to the future, I broke down and spent some money on a tablet. I was even given a cell phone last week. I think I am being assimilated!

It is a lovely day here, so I mowed the lawn. It seemed right and proper to enjoy my nature filled location, so I retired to our porch with a cold Heineken. It suddenly struck me as an excellent time to continue reading T. Thorn Coyle’ s Evolutionary Witchcraft, so I got the tablet. I am reading about the”Sticky One” when I become a bit nostalgic about my youth. This led to calling up Pandora because music is to my youth like comfort food is to others. “What a wonderful day,” I think.

The role of modern technology in this moment suddenly strikes me as a bit ironic. I am sitting on my porch sipping a Heineken and inspired to wax a bit nostalgic by Ms. Coyle when it occurs to me that I can also publish to my blog from the comfort of this delightful place. I look up and see the three-quarters full Moon and feel blessed. I guess technology can be a blessing; it all depends on how you use it.


10 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I love technology, I hate the groupthink and media brainwashing that come part and parcel with technology. I think tech has a place, but that place is not as an object of near worship.

  2. Check out “Understanding Media” by Marshal McLuhan …. As he says the medium is the message …. And also – We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us … (sent from my iPad at the breakfast table)

  3. …that place is not as an object of near worship.” You describe well what I have been watching with these words. I hate to think of what happens with some people when the power goes out.

  4. I too am reading this on my phone on the train on the way to work. Imagine the world we could be living in if all this opportunity for instant global communication was delinked from the oppressions of the profit motive, greed & selfishness? The message of the medium is twofold (at least): a new paradigm of freedom from the linearity of printed text (or the choice to surf between different forms of electronic media & thereby explore a wider range of the spectrum of consciousness), and a new era of exploitation of our common cultural stories by exploitative corporate interests. Join the rebellion.

  5. Steve, I am with you on this one. I sometimes perceive technology as a curse also because it takes some time away from spending quality time with my kids and my wife when we are all on our own tablets/computers/ipods/iphones. However, it is a blessing when I am able to see and speak with my father who lives an ocean away from me through Spike. It is also a blessing when I communicate with an old friend from childhood through Facebook. It is also helpful to be able to text my wife when I have a quick question, or simply want to tell her ” I love you” in the middle of the busy day. I guess it is a love-hate relationship with technology.

  6. I like how you express this basic issue through your personal experience. Technology is a set of tools, man made to enhance our lives. Like all such tools, including social structures, when they become too powerful it can becomes the tools controlling us more then us using them. Some lose out by rejecting all advances and technology. Others lose themselves in technology. It is the younger ones being brought up into a technological world that are most vulnerable. Yet we all need to develop the balance that works for us. Wouldn’t it be good if exploring this was part of everyone’s early education?

  7. Balance is good in all things. Helping people find this in their early education is an excellent idea. I suspect that will be left to the parents, though. The schools are too focused on preparing them to be productive parts of the military/industrial complex.

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