Confronting Destiny

Awareness is a state of realization. I slept until a very young age, then I awakened. I do not recall my physical birth because I was not aware, at least not of this physical reality; I was still sleeping. From all that I have learned about birth and labor, I think this is a good thing. I actually awoke much later.

Cogito ergo sum (René Descartes).

“I think, therefore I am,” wrote Descartes. It seems silly that some refute Descartes proposition. If you are not aware of yourself (including your doubts), or the world around you, can you truly be alive in this plane of existence… as a human being? I qualify this statement with “as a human being” in respect to animism.

My perception of animism is that the universe is a divine creation. As such, the essence of the divine exists within all things. This is not unlike the Tao, Chi, Awen, etc. It isn’t even unlike the Judeo-Christian concept of a divine creation

The primary difference between a rock and a human being seems to concern the intensity of the divine essence within the subject, or its rate of vibration. This appears to even carry over into Kaballah where the gross physical plane of existence is of a much lower vibration than that of the subtle and refined plane of Spirit or God. For this reason, spiritual planes seem to be consistently considered “higher” across numerous spiritual beliefs; not because they are physically higher, but because they are are of a higher vibration or intensity. The idea of Spirit or God being physically elevated above us appears to be the aberration of a mind rooted in the material (gross) world.

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return (Genesis 3:19 NIV).

Where did you come from, and where are you going? Were you once like a rock, or the dust of a rock, whose awareness was raised to that of a human being, but is destined to return to the awareness of dust? In Judeo-Christian lore, while man was formed from the dust of the earth, it was the breath of the divine that animated him. Were you once spirit whose awareness was lowered to that of a human being, but is destined to return to the awareness of spirit?

Most people cannot answer these questions. They lack awareness, or they simply fear looking into this “dark” place; the instinct for survival predisposes most towards fear. This fear can also make them susceptible to charlatans. However, if you look at where you came from, you must wonder why people fear where they are going.

When I look back to before my awakening in this realm, all I can recall is restful peace and quiet; soothing serenity. The more I look at where I came from, the more I wonder why I should fear the return. Perhaps it is different for each individual. Nevertheless, confronting death can produce an interesting side-effect: the less you fear death, the greater your capacity for living.