Whispers from a Quiet Blog

Celestial spheres turn endlessly. There is incessant movement from darkness to shadow then light, with an inevitable return to shade and the dark again. Within this grand movement, is there any real significance to the works of humankind that are not derived from arrogance?

oldmanmtBehold the old mountains with rounded shoulders, weathered and worn by wind and rain. They have watched humankind since people were simply another creature dwelling within the forests. Now, people are simply the largest herd trampling the Earth and depleting its resources.

Humankind makes a great noise as they argue and fight among themselves. They are constantly in conflict as it is their nature to believe they know more and have greater rights than others of their own kind. Even the youngest mountains with their high spires and angular shoulders have seen more than any single human being, and more than the collective histories of humankind. Nevertheless, people are quarrelsome creatures who believe they know much and have such grand purposes.

The human species has long demonstrated a penchant toward self-importance. They have and will make war over dwindling resources, justifying the killing by their greater or more important need. Their words for need and greed seem to hold similar meaning. However, the great ability humankind has developed to wage war on one another can only bring great devastation to themselves and the resources they feed on.

The unchecked growth of the human herd will eventually lead to famine that will reduce its size. The battles for resources will reduce populations more, but also make some resources unusable and damage the infrastructure that delivers those resources. This will likely also produce illnesses that will help to further reduce populations, perhaps even by plague. There is no means to predict the extremes of human behavior, just the general pattern based on demonstrated performance. They might bring their population into balance with the Earth, or they might even annihilate themselves.

The mountains will endure and mark the devastation or passing of the species. There will be few, if any, to preserve the monuments of human history, so much will return to dust. The flora and fauna will repopulate the wastelands as it always does, and the Earth will be quiet once again. Within the turning celestial spheres, humankind will be no more significant than a lichen found on Mars.

Now, what do you have to say that you think is so important?



8 thoughts on “Whispers from a Quiet Blog

  1. My first reaction to your post was, “I have felt like that!” Actually, for all our craziness and destructiveness, people are pretty resilient. And I have a dog who knows that chasing her ball is far more important than the posturing of not only the idiots in congress, but those who know better, yet promote and tolerate them. Yes greed, and not recognizing that we are also the air we pollute, the mountains we break down and the forests we view as resources rather than siblings.

  2. Thank you for this comment, sir. There is far too much foolishness and posturing in a world where humankind prides themselves on being so advanced, but the geniuses fail to recognize how dependent we are very planet we are destroying. However, my favorite part of your comment is when you underscore how much more important the simple things in life are by using a member of another species, your dog. I have a very simple and down-to-earth relationship with a cat that also makes the elite of society look like posturing, prancing fools. Of one thing we can be certain, the other species that we share this planet with are not responsible for the mess we have made… they are smarter than that!

  3. We’d say the appropriate phrase here is ‘putting things into perspective.’ We liked this….a lot! Brief, simple and very effective post….and a good seed for meditation too. Blessings….SRTB.

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