There is a hidden place within all of us; an occluded place.

A dark place.

It is dark because we want it dark.

We do not want others to see.

We do not want to look.


It is human nature; a part of us.

How can we not look?

How can we confess our sins?

Look again.

Who do you think you are?


There are infinite shades between black and white;

But only two are pure.

If you do not know yourself for true;

Then you lie to all.

Who do you think you really are?


The mouth reveals the heart; there are no real secrets.

Who knows the power of words better?

The righteous judge or the mystic healer?

The Witch knows nobody need be cursed

Whose words fall at their own feet.


As you sow, so shall you reap.

What you send out returns.

Simple, ancient wisdom.

You expect heaven,

But show no grace?