Religious Freedom is Sacred

People came to the New World for fortune and adventure, but some came to worship the Divine according to their personal experience. Religious freedom was a fundamental right before the men of conscience who found this nation (USA) to set people free. It is part of the historical record.

The regard some hold for an intimate relationship with Spirit is amazingly deep. It is sad that strong passion can also blind people, as some wish to ban personal beliefs that do not conform to specific standards. They would deny to others what they hold dear for themselves, and they show no shame. They wish to enslave the human spirit.

The quality of religious beliefs are measured by the personal conduct of the believers, not their numbers. Efforts to enslave and harm the human spirit never speaks well of anyone. Religious freedom is sacred.

True Americans hold certain truths to be self-evident.


4 thoughts on “Religious Freedom is Sacred

  1. I gather that many of those original settlers such as the Puritans who came seeking religious freedom for themselves, weren’t so open with those of other faiths. So I guess that hypocracy has long roots.

  2. I find many people who, on a person-to-person level, are very tolerant and even curious. They may judge but they do so in the privacy of their own minds. They offer no accusations beyond a few questions that are not repeated. This, to me, is good. We won’t always agree, but it is better to learn about each other and to at least get along regardless. It is better to keep judgement behind our teeth and polite discourse out front.

    Of course, the people I meet obviously are NOT part of the vocal groups hogging so much media attention.

    Getting away from TV and back to human conversation has done wonders for my perception of humanity. That’s a whole ‘nother post though.

  3. I know the type of people you first write about. These are special people Whose company I can enjoy because I am free and they are free; spirit cannot fly if it is not free. Unfortunately, it is the latter type that seems to garner more attention (particularly during American presidential races.) I am astounded by the people who publicly encourage religious prejudice while campaigning for public office and the trust of people. Obviously, this is not an exclusively American problem; in some places people are beheaded for the wrong faith.

    While I myself have written that no greater darkness can befall the human mind than ignorance, I am still amazed at the levels of ignorance some people have attained. Regardless of the intensity, religious prejudice is disgraceful behavior for any person or organization. It seems particularly disgraceful for Americans, though. How much have American leaders encouraged and justified religious hatred around the world by their own words and deeds? It is time to recognize that religious prejudice is as disgraceful as any other prejudicial behavior.

    Perhaps you should write that other post. As a teacher, perhaps you can find a way to teach people that the gift of freedom is a gift of respect and love.

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