Silver for your thoughts

Seem like a bit much too offer for thoughts? Think figuratively. Secret ballots being what they are, I have neither the inclination nor the duty to tell you how I voted. No. I will not tell you. Th…

Source: Silver for your thoughts

I am sharing this post for its level-headed and reasonable perspective on the 2016 election results. I just love rational people!


10 thoughts on “Silver for your thoughts

  1. Hooray for rational people. It’s not my primary way of engaging with the world, but more power to people for whom it is. Then again, I don’t think it’s *entirely* irrational to look at the plate of manure I woke up to this morning and say “You know what? I don’t like this, and I’m tired of you telling me I actually live for second helpings of it. I’m not eating this any more.”

  2. It is not irrational (entirely or otherwise) to feel the way you do. However, not everyone has the options you do, either. Many of us must find a way to cope with this turn of events while remaining in this country.

  3. I know most people don’t. On my own, I’d have been one of those people. The difference is that on my own, I would probably also have *chosen* to stay and keep my head down for four years even if the money to go fell from the skies. I’d have chosen a kick in the face over taking a risk like leaving the country. I’m not the person who would make that choice any more. But this isn’t only about me now. I can’t justify asking Drew to live here as an immigrant. He came here willing to do that if I wanted it; John left him able to make that choice, as well.

    I think what it boils down to is this: One of the main reasons I came back here was that I was voiceless in the UK because I can’t vote. Drew has to stand up for me that way, because I can’t for myself. The same would apply in reverse here, except that I truly no longer believe that I have a voice here, either. There would be no one to stand up for us.

  4. Many people are not keeping their heads down. There is a lot being written about this election, and there have been significant protests in urban hubs because of the results. Not everyone is inclined to react this way, though. Dagan offers an alternative method for taking a stand against this madness. She has chosen her words very carefully, and they should be read carefully. I believe her proposal is very practical and realistic for people not inclined to activism, that she offers a “grassroots” method for taking a positive stand in this matter. Recognizing that inherent individuality of people, I am quite happy to pass on one method for dealing with this matter that may suit the natural character of some fine citizens. I never suggested, nor do I recommend, this strategy for all. My spirit is lifted by the activists that have spoken out and protested this unbelievable situation, but I do not see everyone’s character inclined to this strategy, either.

    It is sad that you do not feel that you have a voice in your home country. However, I believe you knew you would be leaving before the election results were known, and that colors your perception. You should not feel guilty for following through with the plans you made prior to this event, though.

    On the other hand, I do have a voice in this country and in this world. I feel compelled to use that voice for the benefit of my people. However, like one who is as a hollow bone, I know that my perception of current events has not been fully formed, so I have not personally written anything on this matter… yet. I have simply passed on a reasonable and thoughtful suggestion that might be helpful to some.

  5. Leaving was a possibility before the election results, of course; I came back knowing that if Trump won, I’d have to rethink being here. But no, I had *not* made that decision either way beforehand, and frankly, I didn’t think his winning was in the realm of the possible. I truly believed people as a whole were better than that. Yeah, oops.

    Drew came back not insisting I go back with him, but offering to do what I feel right about. He has a green card; he could stay, and offered to. I won’t ask that of him. It’s not Trump in the end, really. He makes me physically ill, but he won’t have a quarter of the power he thinks he’s going to have; the government’s structured to prevent that. The country’s going to survive him; if it survived Nixon, this bonehead won’t break it. I figure the odds of him somehow Nixoning himself in office are pretty good, too.

    My problem is that the people who voted for his sorry ass now think they’re 100% in charge, immortal, and invulnerable, and these are people who historically don’t have any problem with lynching and rape and burning people out of their homes as ways to address anyone disagreeing with them. These are the people who literally, out loud, blamed Hurricane Katrina on God hating New Orleans for allowing gay people to live here. They’re also the people who twice in the past couple of days have confronted Drew because he spoke in public — not because he said one word about politics, mind you; he didn’t — but because of his patently non-American accent. “Go the fuck back to where you came from, limey.” His pointing out that he’s in fact not a limey didn’t help, even though he did it with humor (“I’m a skirt-wearing drunken tightwad.”).

    The thing that moves these people from being sad and annoying to being terrifying is the level of stupidity it takes to decide to antagonize Drew. He’s capable of doing serious physical harm, and he looks every bit the part. These idiots had no idea that it takes a lot to push him to that when they started in on him. They’ve always been stupid; now they think they’re invincible. I asked him; he says he’s never had anyone do that to him before, and he’s lived in the heart of Redneckistan (Central Florida, anyone?).

    Protest and outrage won’t do a damn thing about those people. I’m not willing to ever go the route that will make them back the hell off me, so I’m taking the other one and getting away from them. If that makes me the coward several people have already suggested I am, then it does. I do not feel guilty for giving priority to taking care of myself and of the people who matter to me for what’s pretty well the first time in my life. I do not belong here any more, and I’m going to do something about it for my own good. Whatever works for other people, I hope they do the hell out it and block the idiot army at every turn they can. I never said my way had to be anyone else’s, nor am I passing moral judgement on them for their ways of dealing with it. I only wish they’d extend me the same courtesy.

  6. Now you agree with Dagan that what we do at the local level has greater impact on our daily lives? I realize you are angry and I recognize that anger: It is the same anger that compelled those people to abandon reason and vote for a con-man, a carnival barker. I imagine they also said, “Hooray for rational people. It’s not my primary way of engaging with the world!”

    You claim to be a shaman. Don’t you recognize the true problem here?

  7. You weren’t. None of what I described happening here was to suggest you were doing or saying it. I don’t play that game. We’ve run into some ugliness here the past few days.

  8. There appears to be ugliness in many places according to the news. However, the issue here was your objection to my re-blogging Dagan’s post. By your own admission, there was no rational reason for your objection. Without any rational reason for your objection, how else do you expect me to receive your objection?

    You have run into some ugliness where you are, so that excuses you from acting rationally? If so, that is sufficient to excuse everyone else, and you have no grounds for your complaint. I do not condone Trump’s flagrant dismissal and violation of the rules of this society… or anyone else’s. Equality is the cornerstone of this nation from which all other rights were derived (see the Declaration of Independence.) Consider this the end of this discussion on this thread… and with me.

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