Common Sense 2.0

oldgloryShould the health-care industry be known as the medical industry? Would we become more aware that this industry is a business first and foremost? Martin Shkreli is the poster child of this business, and EpiPens are a smoking gun. The goal of any business is to be profitable, and illness is obviously profitable.

The Hippocratic Oath is taken by physicians. Physicians are a relatively small part of this industry. Nevertheless, which version of this oath have physicians taken, and how do they interpret their oaths? How many medical records reveal a professional climbing a corporate ladder? They are only human, after all!

The American health-care system needs an overhaul, but American leaders are only talking about how to pay the bill presented to the American people by this unethical industry. This is because the campaign costs of American leaders are paid by contributions from big business, and because American leaders lack wisdom.

Government cannot be operated like a business. Profit is the only driving force behind business, but the American government has many more purposes driving it (see US Constitution, Preamble), and profit is not one of them. Thoughts that operating the American government would be easier than running a corporate business is evidence of ignorance… and nothing less.

There is a recorded consensus in our world that we face an environmental crises. The top American leader does not believe scientific evidence, though. However, I am tired of hearing about the top American leader. American government was designed with a separation of powers; a system of checks and balances. Is it not time we turn our attention toward Congress in search of reason?

The top American leader is a demonstrated, ignorant businessman lacking ethics. He told voters he would release his tax returns if elected; he lied. He has failed to fill numerous government positions. American allies are not sure America can be trusted to honor it’s agreements, and American citizens are uncertain if their government will honor agreements with “We, the People.” Additionally, his staff is being investigated for collusion with a foreign power with potential election tampering. Don’t you agree that the 2.8 million more votes his opponent received should be investigated? Nevertheless, the top American leader is clearly beyond reason.

While investigations press on, Republicans want to implement health insurance that targets those most likely to use it for higher premiums when retired. Does this “promote the general Welfare” (Preamble) of the People? Will we ever be able to afford retirement, or will we be enslaved by industry? Will Congress provide balance while a fool occupies the White House?

The legitimacy of the United States is based on the principle that government’s are instituted among people to meet the purposes outlined in the Declaration of Independence; purposes further defined by the US Constitution. It is the right and duty of the People of the United States of America to assess how well their government is meeting the goals for which it was established, and determine if that government deserves Their consent. Some debate if America faces a Constitutional crises, while we are deeply mired in just such a crises: Do American elections need to be monitored by an outside party? Do American leaders represent the People, the wealthy “one percent” who profit most from their legislation and fund their election campaigns, or foreign powers?

Americans cannot realistically overhaul health-care without first giving Their government a thorough examination. Let us turn our attention to Congress now. I, for one, have grown weary of Trump and suspicious of Congress… with more than ample cause.