When Realms Collide


From spirit, of spirit and to spirit,

Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear.

Words were formed in an age of enlightenment:

The truth of equality is held to be self-evident,

As is the truth of endowed and unalienable rights.


The size, shape, age, color or gender of earthen vessels are irrelevant

In matters between spirits.

If you do not believe you are spirit,

Then your time here is wasted.

All spirit is born of spirit, and created equal.


Those born of spirit cherish equality.

Equality is the essence of the unalienable:

Everyone has the same rights, so rights cannot be lost.

If one right is denied, then equality becomes diminished.

Everyone is diminished until balance is restored.


Those born of spirit understand balance.

They walk a narrow path like the edge of a blade

Upon which the spiritual and physical realms pivot.

This deserves deep reflection:

It is the dance.


Others know only fear because of darkness;

Angry and paranoid of all that is different or changing.

They do not feel secure with equality.

They gather to defend and dominate.

There can be no peace without control, they cry.


There can be no peace until all feel secure.

There can be no justice without equality,

The scales must balance,

We must dance,

We must dream.


How can we respond to darkness?




4 thoughts on “When Realms Collide

  1. “They walk a narrow path like the edge of a blade Upon which the spiritual and physical realms pivot.” We all do whether conscious of it or not. I can only respond to darkness skillfully when I see the darkness within me, when I recognize this Other spewing venom as an expression of something I can be. Ultimately the only response to darkness is light. Thanks, Namaste

  2. Thank you, Dave. It is good to hear from you. I agree that we all need to look in our own backyards first, but also that implies “awareness.” Those who are not aware (or “conscious of it”) walk in darkness, and they are not new to our world either. I also agree that light is the only antidote for darkness. However, recent developments in our world suggest that we have failed to enlighten a large portion of the population. Some available data suggests that recent developments may be due [in part] to good people doing nothing because they did not think such darkness still existed in sufficient strength to reverse human advancement. Efforts to “enlighten” people appear to have been overestimated.

    I am thankful for all who take a stand against darkness, but I am appalled by the violence that propagates the fear that leads to darkness. Blessed be the spirit of Heather Heyer; may she always be remembered. Is this the only means available to combat the darkness of fear?

  3. How can respond to darkness? Even the candles flame can light a travelers way. Separation is the shadow cast in this realm upon Spirit. We need to feel our connection and not let the flesh create separation. Excellent and thought provoking. Thank you …

  4. I agree; we cannot let the flesh create separation. I certainly understand how easy it is to be distracted by the physical world, though. A small light is far better than no light, too.

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