The Fox

fox1An old one came to visit; it was a Fox. It came to my companion, Bobbi, first. It appeared before her on our porch early one morning. It was a quiet meeting.

The Fox was announced by the Crow to me. I generally tear up stale bread and toss it about the yard as an offering to the Crow and other birds, Chipmunk, Squirrel, Raccoon, and any other passing guests. The Crow raised quite a commotion from their towering perches one evening. I first saw the Fox when I went to investigate the unusual disturbance.

fox2The Crow do not mind sharing the bread with the other creatures, but the presence of the Fox raised some alarm. I was simply surprised to find the Fox eating bread. It did look old and frail, though. Bobbi told me that it came here to die.

I changed the offering for the benefit of the Fox. The Fox is an in-between creature that prefers dawn and dusk. I moved the offering from late morning to evening, hoping the Fox might get more of the bread. Early morning was impossible because of the hours I work. Bobbi would have to tell me if the Fox was still present because I would not see it again.

fox3Bobbi is kindred to the Fox, so it was drawn to her. I was neither hurt or surprised. I have always known that my girl is a vixen. She has not mentioned the Fox for a couple of days, though.

I did not have to work tonight, so I was still home a couple of hours after making the offering. I was surprised to see six Crow standing quietly in the garden as I walked by the door to the porch. This was unusual because the Crow are normally cautious and guarded. Movement in the doorway is usually sufficient cause for them to take flight.

fox4Six Crow stood silent and still in the yard like sentinels. They seemed to be staring off into space like they were entranced, then one flew off. I went to tell Bobbi that I thought the Fox had passed. She simply looked at me and said, “I know he is gone.”

As Life is given, let it be received. Regardless of whether the Fox still wanders in this world or another, we hope we eased its passing here.


sct 07.17.2015


Religious Freedom is Sacred

People came to the New World for fortune and adventure, but some came to worship the Divine according to their personal experience. Religious freedom was a fundamental right before the men of conscience who found this nation (USA) to set people free. It is part of the historical record.

The regard some hold for an intimate relationship with Spirit is amazingly deep. It is sad that strong passion can also blind people, as some wish to ban personal beliefs that do not conform to specific standards. They would deny to others what they hold dear for themselves, and they show no shame. They wish to enslave the human spirit.

The quality of religious beliefs are measured by the personal conduct of the believers, not their numbers. Efforts to enslave and harm the human spirit never speaks well of anyone. Religious freedom is sacred.

True Americans hold certain truths to be self-evident.


There is a hidden place within all of us; an occluded place.

A dark place.

It is dark because we want it dark.

We do not want others to see.

We do not want to look.


It is human nature; a part of us.

How can we not look?

How can we confess our sins?

Look again.

Who do you think you are?


There are infinite shades between black and white;

But only two are pure.

If you do not know yourself for true;

Then you lie to all.

Who do you think you really are?


The mouth reveals the heart; there are no real secrets.

Who knows the power of words better?

The righteous judge or the mystic healer?

The Witch knows nobody need be cursed

Whose words fall at their own feet.


As you sow, so shall you reap.

What you send out returns.

Simple, ancient wisdom.

You expect heaven,

But show no grace?