A Moment of Clarity

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am an eternal spirit,

Dancing in the small moment between the past and the future;

The sacred place between memory and imagination,

Between history and the dream-time:

The present moment.


It is an eternal moment,

The only moment I have ever truly known and occupied;

The sacred space where dreams are conjured,

Then rendered in memory’s archives:

An event horizon.


It is an eternal event.

There is no better time than the present moment,

Because tomorrow truly never gets here,

And yesterday is a fading memory:

The lotus blossoms.

Ancient Echoes

Listen to the echoes of the old ones.

Hear the chanting… the singing.

Hear the drumming,

They still dance.

Nothing is different,

Nothing has really changed.

We have really fancy toys now,

But life’s essentials remain the same.

Hear the echoes in the quiet places;

Hear the echoes in the music of today.

Real life is not science fiction.

Touch reality once again.

Listen and remember…