This is a list of recommended internet resources and some books.  I hope to expand and organize this list in time.  Feel free to make recommendations and report any links that go dead.

Internet Sacred Texts Archive – An extensive library concerning the sacred, arcane, and occult.

Bible Gateway – Excellent resource for searching the Bible in numerous translations.

The Gnosis Archive

The Gnostic Society Library/The Nag Hammadi Library

An Introduction to Buddhism – The basics.

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation – Learn to meditate the Buddhist way.

Free Meditation – Learn Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Sandra Ingerman – A shamanic resource.  I also recommend her books. – A Taoism resource.  Derek Lin’s annotated translation of the Tao Te Ching is my favorite because it seems easy to apply to my modern life.

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica – Many occult works, including the Key of Solomon.

stock.xchng – An excellent source of free images.  Database built on principle of image exchange and it is quite extensive.  Many images used here are sourced from this site.

Sounds True – Many voices, one journey.  Books, music, podcast, etc. for many paths.


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