A Divine Sigh

spiritBlessed be the eternal breath that set Time in motion.

Our understanding of Time and Eternity should not be taken lightly or for granted. Our understanding of these two things are essential to understanding the realities of Life.

Time does not exist without movement; without change. Without movement/change of some type, it would be impossible to measure Time because it simply would not exist. In comparison, eternal things are unchanging, and therefore, last forever. The eternal contrasts the temporal.

There are things in the human world that seem eternal because they last for a very long time. However, pyramids crumble, continents shift and stars eventually burn out. It has been said that the only constant in our world is Change. This is supported by scientific evidence.

Ironically, people consistently demonstrate resistance to Change. This may be linked to an instinct for survival and a corresponding fear of Death. Much industry is engaged in fighting physical deterioration, both cosmetic and medical. Desires for everlasting peace and prosperity are proclaimed as these conditions also affect their longevity.

Periods of stability, peace and prosperity tend to reveal an incongruity in human nature, though. People are also easily susceptible to boredom. This usually leads to actions intended to make things interesting, but often disrupt the conditions originally deemed desirable; stability, peace and prosperity.

The contradictions of human behavior are easily understood by examining the human spirit. Much spiritual lore attributes the creation of our world, universe or multiverse to divine and eternal beings. As a product of divine creation, humankind usually have characteristics of their Creator(s). The Children of Abraham believe that people were created in the divine image. Consider the relationship between divine eternity and temporal reality.

The human spirit dreams of a realm that is eternal and unchanging because it is perfect, holy and sacred. Paradise, Heaven, Elysium, et al are spiritual concepts of perfection that are desirable because of the trials and tribulations of temporal existence. In turn, the trials and tribulations of temporal life prevent people from recognizing the boredom they would experience in places of such perfection. Few truly understand why the first man and woman were ejected from the garden of paradise in Judeo-Christian lore.

Few truly understand the human likeness of their divine images. They fail to recognize that creativity is a common solution to human boredom, or that the boredom of divine perfection could be an obvious cause for divine creation. The Children of Abraham portray creation beginning with the spoken word, but it seems more likely that it began with a divine sigh.


The Power of Creation

It is helpful to incorporate your own words and spiritual beliefs into a personal creation myth that will function as your doorway to understanding the unity all ancient and modern mystics speak of. (Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth, p. 21)

There are many creation myths in our world. We think that people of common beliefs subscribe to the same creation myths. Essentially they do, but each person within any given group tends to have an individual perspective or slant on their creation myth. The perspective of an individual may not seem much different than the group doctrine; it may not even be recognized. However, it is the nature of humankind to relate to things in ways as individual as their fingerprints.In the beginning, there was One. The One was All, and there was nothing else. Then the All became three. The All became the Lord, the Lady, and the space in between them.

The Lord was bright and dazzling. He mesmerized the Lady with His energy and elan. He was completely Her converse.

The Lady was dark and deep. She enchanted the Lord with Her beauty and mystery. She was soothing and seductive.

The space between them was a reminder that they were now separate. Although they were polar opposites, they knew balance could be found in union because of their deep memory. When they expressed their deep desire for each other, they spoke in song.

The Lord and Lady began to circle each other as in a great dance while they sang. As they slowly moved closer to each other, the circle became a spiral. As the space between them lessened, their knowledge of each other grew, as did the anticipation. There was great ecstasy when they finally joined as One.

The space between them became the space around them, and it was filled with a Creation born out of their ecstasy. The Creation that we are a part of is the product of that holy union. Everything is sacred from the highest to the lowest. Everything is balanced. Sing and dance, and you will know ecstasy for these are the patterns of life.

As the issue from the union of living creatures are heirs to the nature of their ancestors, the Divine Creation reflects the character of the Divine. As above, so below. The difference between the subtle and gross, the pure and profane, the spiritual and physical seems to be a difficult concept for the human mind to grasp, though. It is the mystery: as within, so without. Spirit calls unto spirit

It seems propitious to write this at the time of the 2012 Autumnal Equinox, because an equinox is a time of balance when day and night, light and dark, are equal. There seems to be so little balance in our world these days, so let us look to the Divine for balance. Perhaps in understanding we can find hope.

The Autumnal Equinox marks the beginning of the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere; the time of the Lady, dark and deep. In contrast, the Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of the light half of the year; the time of the Lord, bright and dazzling. The great dance continues, but humankind no longer dances.

The industrialized world has separated and insulated themselves from the natural cycles. Electric lights in our offices, factories, and homes allow us to work around the clock. Modern heating allow us to work non-stop through coldest times of the year. Modern transportation, refrigeration, and supermarkets relieve our concerns about our food supply. We live our lives at the monotonous rhythm of modern industry, rather than moving with the natural cycles of relative rest and great activity. We do not dance the dance anymore, and our society is ill. We eat industrially processed food and people are obese and sick. A “blue-tooth” may be a sign of assimilation into the grand industrial machine.

The Autumnal Equinox marks our departure from the energy of the light half of the year that is full of activity in the natural world. As the days grow shorter, they also grow colder and the natural world goes to rest. Barren are the trees and the land, particularly after the first snowfall. Nightfall is earlier and longer; the quiet is broken only by the howl of the North wind. This is a good time for rest, reflection, and contemplation. It is a good time to find your creation myth; your doorway to understanding.

It is a mystery that the leaves of trees turn to such brilliant colors before they fall to their death, and in their death they nurture new life come Spring. It is a sign that enlightenment may be found in the time of rest and reflection, which can nurture new life also. May the colors of Autumn be exceptionally brilliant this year as an omen of greater renewal in the coming Spring. May your dance be a dance of joy.

Beauty In Light

I was a young child when I watched the Sun set and realized that, if there was a god or gods, they had to be of Love in order to create such beauty. I was not raised with any religious training, but the subject wasn’t hidden from me either. Almost half a century later I still reflect upon what we can learn about artists through their art, or Creator(s) through Creation. I also still try to reflect upon our world through child-like eyes.

When the greatest light known to humankind in the physical world is at its highest place, we cannot look upon it directly; it is too bright, but it illuminates the world of humankind well. We can see our paths clearly, so we tend to our busy comings and goings without concern for high things that we cannot look upon anyway. However, this great light descends to our world daily.

The closer the great light gets to the darkness of our world, it dims and becomes easier for us to look upon. If you think our world is not dark, wait until this great light disappears well below the horizon and you will know this world’s darkness. However, it is at the mid-point between the brightest light and deepest darkness, when this great light has descended to our “eye level,” that we can look upon magnificent beauty.

I am particularly fond of the times of twilight or dusk. There seems to be a balance between light and dark, as well as some of the most spectacular artwork. Paintings of sunsets lack the crystal clarity of the real thing, and even photos seem to diminish the clarity a bit. The nature of real sunsets and sunrises is always so unique too, so the real thing maintains my fascination. After looking upon a picture several times, it loses some of its charm. Pictures also don’t change the ambiance of our world as the real thing does.

I am more fond of the evening than the morning because the cacophony of humankind is winding down. Many prepare for sleep, and I will too eventually. However, I will savor this time of beauty when quiet also descends upon my world along with the darkness. This is an excellent time for family, friends, and particularly reflection. It is a restful and refreshing time in itself. There will be time enough for sleep when it is truly dark.

When the great light starts ascending back to its high place, it can produce equally spectacular art at dawn. This would be an excellent time for contemplation, but most people roll out of bed into a dead run towards their busy day. People are always so busy. Perhaps, if we contemplated our busy-ness when our minds are fresh after a good nights rest, we might chose our activities more wisely and not have created the mess we face today? Probably not, unless we also take the time to appreciate the beauty of light entering our world.

Look upon our world with the eyes of a child and it is not difficult to understand the ancient ways. We take it for granted that the great light will ascend to its high place because we are more knowledgeable and sophisticated than our ancestors. If humankind today is so much more sophisticated than their ancestors, how have we missed a significant detail within our “greater” knowledge? The significant detail is that the great light does not revolve around us; we revolve around the great light.

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