When Realms Collide


From spirit, of spirit and to spirit,

Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear.

Words were formed in an age of enlightenment:

The truth of equality is held to be self-evident,

As is the truth of endowed and unalienable rights.


The size, shape, age, color or gender of earthen vessels are irrelevant

In matters between spirits.

If you do not believe you are spirit,

Then your time here is wasted.

All spirit is born of spirit, and created equal.


Those born of spirit cherish equality.

Equality is the essence of the unalienable:

Everyone has the same rights, so rights cannot be lost.

If one right is denied, then equality becomes diminished.

Everyone is diminished until balance is restored.


Those born of spirit understand balance.

They walk a narrow path like the edge of a blade

Upon which the spiritual and physical realms pivot.

This deserves deep reflection:

It is the dance.


Others know only fear because of darkness;

Angry and paranoid of all that is different or changing.

They do not feel secure with equality.

They gather to defend and dominate.

There can be no peace without control, they cry.


There can be no peace until all feel secure.

There can be no justice without equality,

The scales must balance,

We must dance,

We must dream.


How can we respond to darkness?




New Reality

Stand firm upon the Earth.

Ground your roots in reality.

Know your place in the real world

When the winds of madness blow.


Feel your pulse.

Life has rhythm.

Learn to dance.

It feels good!


Spirit is the essence of Life.

If you cannot fly, then you died.

Can you fly in reality?

You must.


The Dance of Life

Take my hand, my friend, and walk with me awhile. You need not explain yourself, for I am not your judge. You need not seek my favor, for I am not your savior. I am but a simple soul, like yourself, in need of respite. Let us walk for awhile to see if we can find some music.

Music is a curious thing, is it not? A sequence of sounds most magical that stirs something deep within. It makes you want to move with it, but in ways not common in this busy world of work, work, work. Its rhythms and movements are much livelier than the tick-tock of the time clock. The methodical beat of the machine deadens the soul, but the rhythms of music restore it. It must be an enchantment, don’t you think?

spiritWe are told that we need to “act responsibly,” to be “productive members of society”, and to “contribute to the common good.” Society places many burdens upon us saying, “These are the formulas for success.” But when we hear the music, we forget those burdens. When we move to the rhythms, we feel light. Our spirit soars and we take flight. The deep memory is awakened; we remember what it feels like to be alive. It feels good.

We have been dissected and analyzed. Every personality trait has become a syndrome or disorder that can be treated with medication. If we survive the “possible side-effects,” will we become clones of some secret ideal? What does not kill the body will kill the spirit? Awaken my friend, for it is time to dance to restore your soul and for your spirit to take flight.

You have people who depend on you? As do I. You have no means to divorce yourself from this society? Nor do I. But if we remember to dance to the changing rhythms of music, them we can learn to dance to the changing rhythms of life. Instead of fearing and resisting change, we can learn to move with it. You will then realize how to change the “changes.” The Dance of Life is the formula for survival; it is good medicine.

I do so enjoy the presence of your spirit that I hate to part company, but it is all part of the Dance. Perhaps we will walk together again, but then perhaps not. Spirit calls unto spirit, and we may be called down diverging paths. I will be thankful for our time together, rather than saddened by the parting. Our spirits must be free to flow with Spirit, for this is the essential Dance of Life. Be free my friend, and be blessed.