Mark These Days Well

The great hunter has arisen. The clear sky of a crisp night reveals Orion watching as the Dark Lady moves among you. Soon the Sun will enter the house of the Archer, and Her day draws near. Mark these days well.

The second day of December is Arianrhod’s day. The Sun will mark the center of the great silver wheel in the heavens above as we move towards the Winter Solstice. Yule is the darkest day of the year. Mark these days well.

Waste no words as She passes among you. She knows well the vanity and treachery of your kind (1). She cried out from the high places where paths meet (2), but few heard Her voice, and even fewer answered. Look not to your Lord for salvation, for She has been with Him since the beginning (2) and there is no salvation for the foolish. Mark these days well.

Mark these days with silence and respect; keep your empty words. Let the small light and warmth of a simple candle remind Her of the light and warmth of a humble spirit, instead. If you are beset by life’s travails, set your light in a window to assure that She sees it. Mark these days well.

Know the true reason for a festival of lights in these dark days. While Yule is the darkest day of the year, it is also a turning point. The days that have been growing darker start to grow brighter. Let this be a turning point in troubled times as well. Mark these days well.

Seek the favor of the Lady Arianrhod in hope that she will place a favorable geas upon you, for a geas can be a blessing, a curse, or both. Honor Her in silence that you may hear the voice of Wisdom. Attend Her passing and you may discover why this Dark Lady is also one of the three beautiful maids of the Isle of Prydein (3: see Triad 107). You may discover the Path of Beauty if you mark these days well.


1) Math the Son of Mathonwy: The Fourth Portion of the Mabinogi

2) Proverbs 8 (NIV)

3) The Triads of Wales or Prydein (see Triad 107)