Touch the Earth

The Earth is an omnipresent touchstone of reality for our people. We spend much time examining “data” and entertaining “opinions,” but little time touching reality. Touch the Earth to know what is real. 

Speak to the Earth. When you speak to anything, you give tribute. You pay attention, and that is the first requirement of learning. You must pay attention for more than a moment, though. 

Listen and watch. Give your attention to simple realities. Hear the wind, the breath of the Earth, rustle through the leaves of a tree. Watch as it brings the clouds of refreshing rain. Behold the brightness of the lightning bolt, the crack of its strike and lingering growl. Feel the warmth of the Sun and the solid foundation beneath your feet. Learn the nature of the Earth and you will understand how to walk upon it. 

The many voices of our kind easily distracts and overwhelms our attention. The power and glamour of technology augments the assault on our senses. There are many stories told to entertain and mesmerize, but the intention of most are to sell a product, service or idea. This can be dangerous when we struggle to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction. A touchstone is invaluable. 

People hold many opinions, so it is difficult to get people to agree on anything. When all but three nations agree that this world faces a serious climate problem, that consensus is tantamount to a miracle. How can this extraordinary historical event be explained? 

Touch the Earth. Feel your feet firmly planted in its reality. Speak to the Earth, then listen and watch. What is the most sensible explanation for such unprecedented human agreement? 


As Seen on TV!

I look around and see the sacred circle scribed by the horizon. I become still. I remember that I am always at the center of the sacred circle. This brings me peace.

I draw a deep breath. I feel tension drain from me into the sacred Earth as I exhale. I take another deep breath and realize I have taken this for granted. The breath of life is sacred and should be appreciated. I still my mind and attend the sacred breath.

I have been listening to a multitude of voices for far too long; contentious voices that argue about everything. I have tried to discern truth, but all I hear is subterfuge, lies, propaganda, vanity, inanity, insanity, and absurdity. I became disoriented and dizzy, so I turned off the media and focused on the real people within my sacred circle. I was startled to find them “as seen on TV!

My mind wanders, so I refocus my attention. I take another deep breath and I am filled with light. The gathered darkness is diffused and dispelled upon exhalation. I feel the caress of a gentle breeze as I continue breathing slowly and deeply. Air is my element. It is real.

I focus on inhaling light and exhaling darkness. Again I notice tension drains from me into the Earth when I exhale. I focus more on releasing tension into the Earth when I exhale. I feel good as I release the tension. Earth is solid beneath me. It is real, also.

The truth of Earth and Air is refreshing. They are simple reality. The steady buzz of human opinions and ideas can be confusing and even aberrant. There may be a loss of many necessary things on the horizon, but the desire of many is for the unnecessary and even exorbitant luxuries. A drought is Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that Water is more important than designer clothes, fast or luxury cars, power politics, or even progress. Water is a refreshing element of simple reality whose necessity is emphasized by its shortage.

I think of how well a cool glass of water slakes my thirst. How have we come to take such simple pleasures for granted? It seems that now our desires are “as seen on TV.” Our mannerisms and speech are also as “as seen on TV.” The iconic television is a centerpiece in most homes and constitutes an idol as demonstrated by human behavior. We know how to make ourselves appear attractive, cool, prestigious, knowledgeable and powerful by what is seen on TV. Television has become our primary form of entertainment, but we seem to forget that most of that entertainment is fiction.

My mind has wandered again. I refocus my attention on my breath once again. As I take a deep breath, I inhale light, also. I realize that letting my mind wander created more tension because there is more to release into the Earth. Suddenly, Raven lands before me.

Tell me if I have this right,” Raven speaks, “People dress in costumes and put on masks to create a false appearance in public that they have learned from fictional television. The status symbols they desire are due to the advertisements found on fictional television. They become concerned and even fearful over the propaganda found on fictional TV. However, they think a raven speaking to you is a figment of your imagination?

I guess this was a better day for reflection than for meditation!